An Analysis of Negotiation of Meaning Functions of Advanced EFL Learners in Second Life: Negotiation of Meaning in Second Life

Akayoğlu, Sedat
Seferoğlu, Gölge


An Investigation of driver behaviors: their relationship with interpersonal problems and representations on the interpersonal circumplex
Özer, Özge; Öz, Bahar; Department of Psychology (2017)
The aim of the current study was to investigate the relationships between driver behaviors and interpersonal behaviors and detecting the positions of driver behaviors on interpersonal circumplex (IPC). Although there were many studies that explore the associations of driver behaviors with many different individual factors, driver behaviors are not studied directly with interpersonal problems. A total of 357 drivers (109 females, 246 males) participated in this study and they were given The Driver Behavior Q...
An analysis of college student's perceived usage and importance of high speed internet : the case of metu students
Eryol, Gökhan; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2008)
This study aims to find differences in the perceived usage and importance of the Internet within characteristics of students. METU undergraduate students having a proper Internet connection were defined as population, and asked to answer the online questionnaire about perceived usage and importance of the Internet. For 653 eligible answers, Factorial ANOVA and independent samples t-test were used to compare mean scores of dependent variables across three independent variables: gender, accommodation type and...
An Analysis of IDP (Internally Displaced Person) as aSocial Identity: A Case Study for Georgian IDPs
Gürsoy Erdenay, Hazar Ege (2015-06-19)
An Institutional analysis of the transformation of informal housing settlements in Turkey : a case study in the Şentepe neighbourhood of Ankara
Özdemirli, Yelda; Türel, Ali; Department of City and Regional Planning (2012)
Transformation of informal housing settlements by urban renewal and redevelopment has become one of the major tasks of Turkish urban policy in the last decades. Nevertheless, in some cases urban redevelopment could not be facilitated due to low level of investments; and moreover most of the transformed settlements are still problematic with added difficulties brought out by urban transformation itself such as lower levels of physical quality, gentrification or dislocation. Understanding the sources of these...
An investigation of interactions with conversational violations: Insights from visual perception and Gricean Maxim violations
Çağıltay, Bengisu; Acartürk, Cengiz; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2020-11)
Linguistic principles at various levels are crucial in maintaining a reliable and transparent communication for dyadic interactions. However, violating these principles might result in unwieldy and problematic communications. Gaze can be a medium of reflecting the cognitive responses when conversational violations occur. An eye-tracking study was conducted to investigate visual patterns in communication in response to social communication errors, specifically Grice’s Maxims violations. This study investigat...
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S. Akayoğlu and G. Seferoğlu, An Analysis of Negotiation of Meaning Functions of Advanced EFL Learners in Second Life: Negotiation of Meaning in Second Life. 2018.