Seismic Design of Sakarya–2 Viyaduct using Seismic Isolation Technology

Dicleli, Murat
Özkaya, Cenan
Gerçek, Mete
Esat , Yeşim
Çam, Seçil
2nd Bridges and Viaducts Symposium (28 Eylül 2011)


Seismic design of bridges and nuildings using seismic isolation and energy dissipating technology
Dicleli, Murat (null; 2018-11-16)
Seismic design of lifeline bridge using hybrid seismic isolation
Dicleli, Murat (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2002-03-01)
This paper presents the merits of a hybrid seismic isolation system used for the seismic design of a major bridge. The bridge is analyzed for two different arrangements of seismic isolation systems. The first arrangement consists of friction pendulum bearings at all substructure locations; the other incorporates a hybrid system where laminated elastomeric bearings are used at the abutments and friction pendulum bearings at the piers. Analysis results have demonstrated that the hybrid seismic isolation syste...
Çabuk, Eser; Akyüz, Uğurhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-09)
In Turkey, seismic base isolation have become mainly used passive earthquake control system especially among hospital structures after the amendment of Ministry of Health in 2014, regulating the design of hospitals in high seismic zones. Rubber and sliding type of isolators have been applied, and several different hysteresis models, which are essentially acceptable in seismic codes, were used in their design process. However, due to the complexity in the development of highly nonlinear models, engineers ten...
Seismic behavior of concentrically braced frames designed to AISC341 and EC8 provisions
KAZEMZADEH AZAD, Sina; Topkaya, Cem; ASTANEH-ASL, Abolhassan (2017-06-01)
Steel concentrically braced frames (CBFs) are frequently used as efficient lateral load resisting systems to resist earthquake and wind loads. This paper focuses on high seismic applications where the brace members in CBFs dissipate energy through repeated cycles of buckling and yielding. Widely-used seismic provisions have somewhat different approaches for the seismic design of CBFs. The present study evaluates in detail the similarities and differences between the design philosophies and provisions used i...
Seismic performance of a precast concrete connection used in Turkey
Korkmaz, Hasan Hüsnü; Tankut, Tuğrul; Department of Civil Engineering (1998)
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M. Dicleli, C. Özkaya, M. Gerçek, Y. Esat, and S. Çam, “Seismic Design of Sakarya–2 Viyaduct using Seismic Isolation Technology,” Eskişehir, Türkiye, 2011, p. 1, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: