Influence of TiO2 and Al2O3 Addition on Mechanical Properties of Dental Zirconia

Ağaç, Özlem
Öztürk, Abdullah
Park, Jongee
Nanotech France 2015 International Conference & Exhibition, (15 - 17 Haziran 2015)


Influence of Chemical Post-deposition Treatment on the Structural Properties of ZnSnTe2 Thin Films
Güllü, Hasan Hüseyin; Bayraklı, Özge; Emir, Cansu; Terlemezoğlu, Makbule; Parlak, Mehmet (null; 2017-05-26)
Influence of isotropic micropatterns on proliferation morphology and spreading of bone derived cells
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Influence of Terminal Carboxyl Groups on the Structure and Reactivity of Functionalized m-Carboranethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers
Goronzy, Dominic P.; Stanek, Jan; Avery, Erin; Guo, Han; Bastl, Zdenek; Dusek, Michal; Gallup, Nathan M.; Gun, Saliha; Kucerakova, Monika; Levandowski, Brian J.; Machacek, Jan; Sicha, Vaclav; Thomas, John C.; Yavuz, Adem; Houk, K. N.; Danışman, Mehmet Fatih; METE, ERSEN; Alexandrova, Anastassia N.; Base, Tomas; Weiss, Paul S. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2020-08-01)
The structure and function of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) at the nanoscale are determined by the steric and electronic effects of their building blocks. Carboranethiol molecules form pristine monolayers that provide tunable two-dimensional systems to probe lateral and interfacial interactions. Additional omega-functionality, such as carboxyl groups, can be introduced to change the properties of the exposed surfaces. Here, two geometrically similar isomeric m-carborane analogues of m-mercaptobenzoic aci...
Influence of UV stabilizers on the weathering of PETG and PCTT films
Arangdad, Kiarash; Yıldırım, Erol; Detwiler, Andrew; Cleven, Curtis D.; Burk, Christopher; Shamey, Renzo; Pasquinelli, Melissa A.; Freeman, Harold S.; El-Shafei, Ahmed (Wiley, 2019-07-17)
The influence of two UV photostabilizers on the photostability of Polyethylene-co-CHDM-terephthalate (PETG) and Polycyclohexylenedimethylene-Co-TMCD-terephthalate (PCTT) copolyester films was investigated. Untreated films and films containing stabilizer were irradiated. The resulting films were analyzed by attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared (ATR FTIR) spectroscopy, gel permeation chromatography (GPC), and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). FTIR spectra of the irradiated films conta...
Influence of B2O3 additions on the microstructure of mica based glass-ceramics
Aykut, Hakan; Öztürk, Abdullah; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2005)
Mica based glass - ceramics have been produced by subjecting the glasses in the SiO2 , Al2O3 , CaO , MgO, K2O , and F system to a controlled heat treatment called crystallization. TiO2 was added into the batch in the amount of 1 wt% of the glass as nucleating agent. B2O3 additions in the amounts of 1, 2, 4 and 8 wt% of the glass have been made in the batch to see and evaluate the effects of B2O3 additions on the texture of the mica glass ceramics. Crystallization was accomplished in two steps, nucleation an...
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Ö. Ağaç, A. Öztürk, and J. Park, “Influence of TiO2 and Al2O3 Addition on Mechanical Properties of Dental Zirconia,” presented at the Nanotech France 2015 International Conference & Exhibition, (15 - 17 Haziran 2015), 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: