How Do Care Types and Individual Differences Contribute to Emotion Understanding of Children Under the Care of Social Services

Taşfiliz, Duygu
Kazak Berument, Sibel


How do care types and individual differences contribute to emotion understanding skills of children under the care of social services?
Taşfiliz, Duygu; Kazak Berument, Sibel; Department of Psychology (2014)
Early caregiving environment has a great influence on young children’s socio-emotional development. It has been found that young children who have been raised in institutional settings are at risk for deficits in their emotion understanding skills. Research findings also suggested that harmful effects of early care environment would continue into foster care or adoption (Pears & Fisher, 2005; Luke & Banerjee, 2012). Indeed, researchers have investigated developmental differences in individuals’ ability to u...
How does prior knowledge affect student engagement in undergraduate level computer literacy classes
Öncü, Semiral; Şengel, Erhan; Delialioğlu, Ömer (null; 2008-05-08)
Many freshmen show no interest in computer literacy classes. They do not participate or actively seek information. It is hypothesized in this study that this tendency results from prior computer knowledge. Students who already mastered the content do not find it useful, so they get bored, leading to the hypotheses that (1) students who are computer literate will have low student engagement and have high achievement. Moreover (2) students who are not computer literate will have high engagement, and have exam...
How Do Care Types and Individual Differences Contrıbute to Emotion Understanding Skills of Children Under the Care of Social Services?
TAŞFİLİZ, DUYGU; Kazak Berument, Sibel (2015-03-21)
How does climate change affect the response of cyanobacteria to nutrients
Carvalho, Laurence; Thackeray, Stephen; Adrian, Rita; Anneville, Orlanne; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Cromie, Hannah; Erdoğan, Şeyda; Jarvinen, Marko; Maberly, Stephan; Mcelanery, Yvonne; Jannicke, Moe; Morabite, Giuseppe; Nöges, Peeter; Salmaso, Nico; Shatwell, Tom; Woods, Helen (null; 2016-07-31)
It is widely believed that climate change acts synergistically with eutrophication to exacerbate the problems of algal blooms in lakes. This theory is based on the positive direct effects of higher temperatures and reduced rainfall (long retention times) on phytoplankton growth and loss processes. However, changes in temperature and rainfall have many indirect effects on phytoplankton, through effects in the catchment, lake physics and water quality and other communities that compete with, or consume, phyto...
How are high school students epistemological beliefs related to their goal orientations
Kadıoğlu, Cansel; Uzuntiryaki, Esen; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim (null; 2011-09-09)
Literature reveals that epistemological beliefs and goal orientations affect students’ strategy use and learning in turn. When students set mastery goals they are expected to use more advance strategies such as elaboration and critical thinking and develop conceptual understandi ng . In order to support meaningful learning, the relationship between epistemological beliefs and goal orientations needed to be defined clearly. This study was conducted to examine the relationship between two sets of variables: e...
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