Analysing Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Their Science Classroom in Relation to Attitudes and Motivation

Arısoy, Naziye
Çakıroğlu, Jale
Sungur, Semra
Telli, Sibel
In recent years, education has been blamed for graduates not being sufficiently able to apply their knowledge to solve complex problems in working contexts. Therefore, the development and implementation of instructional practices that foster students’ skills to communicate, think and reason effectively, make judgements about the accuracy of information, solve complex problems and work collaboratively in diverse teams, remains an important challenge for today’s education (Pellegrino, Chodowsky, & Glaser, 2001).


An analysis of student performance on everyday problem solving tasks
Çakır, Nur (null; 2015-08-25)
Students have more experience in solving well-structured problems as they are more common in the educational setting. However problems faced in everyday practice are generally ill-structured problems which may have many equally effective alternative solutions (Jonassen, 1997). This study investigates pre-service teachersí problem solving strategies in social sciences/in everyday situations, determine their tendencies and deficiencies, and explore the differences between problem solving behaviors of freshmen...
An Investigation of teachers’ noticing of students’ mathematical thinking in the context of a professional development program
Baş, Sinem; Erbaş, Ayhan Kürşat; Çetinkaya, Bülent; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2014)
Teachers’ noticing, i.e. attending to and understanding of, students’ mathematical thinking is considered as a crucial component of teaching expertise. Research points out the pressing need for developing teachers’ abilities to notice students’ mathematical thinking through appropriate professional support, while also making sense of the dynamics of how such development occurs. The purpose of this study is to investigate evolution of teachers’ noticing of students’ mathematical thinking in the context of a ...
An Exploratory case study of pre-service EFL teachers' sense of efficacy beliefs and perceptions of mentoring practices during practice teaching
Rakıcıoğlu Söylemez, Anıl Ş; Eröz Tuğa, Betil; Department of English Language Teaching (2012)
Although practice teaching is a central component of teacher education, there are still a number of organizational and practical problems encountered which have attracted considerable research. For instance, the nature of the relationship among pre-service and cooperating teachers; how this relationship plays a role in shaping pre-service teachers’ learning to teach during practice teaching are issues we still know little about (Borg, 2011). In order to understand the interwoven relationship between experie...
Comparing Predictors of Teachers' Education for Sustainable Development Practices among Eco and Non-Eco Preschools
PAMUK, DENİZ; Olgan, Refika (Turkish Education Association, 2020-01-01)
Theory and practice of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in early childhood education (ECE) is still an emerging issue in all over the world. ESD practices should be integrated into existing ECE programs considering the role of eco-school program and preschool teachers at all levels of education both in nationwide and worldwide. Eco-schools program is one of the best practices representing ESD in formal education system. In addition, early childhood teachers either working at eco-preschools or not...
Investigation of performances of prospective mathematics teachers on probability
Bulut, Safure (2001-01-01)
There is a difficulty in teaching/learning the concept of probability because of the various reasons such as a shortage of competent teachers and students' misconceptions. In the study, the performances of the prospective mathematics teachers on probability was investigated. The subject consisted of 125 seniors enrolled in the secondary mathematics teacher education programs in Ankara. The percentages of correct answers of seven questions was lower than that of wrong answer. The prospective mathematics teac...
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N. Arısoy, J. Çakıroğlu, S. Sungur, and S. Telli, Analysing Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Their Science Classroom in Relation to Attitudes and Motivation. 2016.