Distribution substation control and monitoring based on an industrial MS-DOS computer

Batur, İzzet


Distribution Control of Aspect Ratios and Automatic Generation of Surface Meshes
Sorguç, Arzu; Hagiwara, I. (2002-09-01)
Distribution systems cad applications.
Iqbal, Muhammad Javed; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1992)
Cable axial load measurement device and buckling sensor development
Usalan, Emine Ceren; Türer, Ahmet; Department of Civil Engineering (2015)
Axial compression or tension carrying members may need to be monitored for their structural behaviors and/or damage detection. In this thesis, two different types of practical and cost efficient monitoring devices are proposed: The column buckling sensor and the cable tension measuring device. The columns of steel structures are prone to buckling due to their slender nature. The buckling sensor is developed by using strain gauges installed in half Wheatstone bridge and measures the strain level of the most ...
Transmission line coupler for power line communicaiton systems.
Baştürk, Tuncay; Department of Electrical Engineering (1971)
Flow characterization study and fire experiments in a reduced scaled tunnel
Abuaisheh, Majd Basil Abdel Muhsen; Yozgatlıgil, Ahmet; Pınarcıoğlu, Mehmet Melih; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2019)
This work is an experimental study on the subject of tunnel fires, which is conducted on a ventilated 1/13 scaled tunnel model in the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering of Middle East Technical University. In order to perform the experiments, in the first stage, the tunnel model was completely renovated, and its overall condition was improved to obtain better means of control and accuracy on the experimental measurements. In the second stage of the thesis, a flow characterizati...
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İ. Batur, “Distribution substation control and monitoring based on an industrial MS-DOS computer,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.