Critical Bathing Water Quality Assessment in Coastal Waters of Marmara Region

Yılmazel, Yasemin Dilşad
Dogan, Nazli Barcin
1. Uluslarasasi 13. Ulusal Cevre Muhendisligi Kongresi


Critical evalution of the operational performance of urban infrastructure services in metropolitan areas: water and sewerage services
Ölmez, Ebru; Ersoy, Melih; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (1998)
Rapid earthquake hazard and loss assessment for Euro-Mediterranean region
Erdik, Mustafa; Sesetyan, Karin; Demircioglu, Mine; Hancilar, Ufuk; Zulfikar, Can; Cakti, Eser; Kamer, Yaver; Yenidogan, Cem; Tuzun, Cuneyt; Ertuğrul, Zehra; Harmandar, Ebru (2010-10-01)
The almost-real time estimation of ground shaking and losses after a major earthquake in the Euro-Mediterranean region was performed in the framework of the Joint Research Activity 3 (JRA-3) component of the EU FP6 Project entitled "Network of Research Infra-structures for European Seismology, NERIES". This project consists of finding the most likely location of the earthquake source by estimating the fault rupture parameters on the basis of rapid inversion of data from on-line regional broadband stations. ...
Critical analysis and evaluation of hospital main entrances according to design and performance criteria in the case of Turkey
Karakurt, Ayşin Sevgi; Erman, Ercüment; Seren, Berrak; Department of Architecture (2003)
The entrance space of a hospital has formed an effective period of hospital life since it has reflected the scope and the image of the entire facility. Therefore it has directly influenced by the new formation of healthcare facilities on preserving and growing role of the community health instead of threatening the illnesses. Since entrance space is apart from the other spaces in the facility that has shaped by the restrictive nature of the medical technology, the space most efficiently implement these new ...
Critical appraisal of long span cable roof structuresfor potential applications in Turkey.
Acarsoy, Ali Aybars; Ünay, Ali İhsan; Department of Architecture (2002)
Critical Fluid Velocities for Removing Cuttings Bed Inside Horizontal and Deviated Wells
Ozbayoglu, M. E.; Saasen, A.; Sorgun, M.; Svanes, K. (2010-01-01)
This study aims to estimate the critical fluid flow velocity for preventing the development of a stationary bed using empirical correlations valid for horizontal and highly inclined wellbores that can be easily used at the field. For this purpose, experiments have been conducted at METU-PETE Cuttings Transport Flow Loop for various conditions. Observations showed that a stationary bed is developed when the fuid velocity is less than 6.0 ft/s, and a critical fluid velocity of 8.0 ft/s is required to establis...
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Y. D. Yılmazel and N. B. Dogan, “Critical Bathing Water Quality Assessment in Coastal Waters of Marmara Region,” presented at the 1. Uluslarasasi 13. Ulusal Cevre Muhendisligi Kongresi, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: