All about Pikler Pedagogy: Lessons from Pikler Pedagogy regarding Early Childhood Education

The effect of early interventions during infancy and toddlerhood on child development have already been documented by previous studies. The related literature supported that early child care interventions have a significant role on children’s cognitive, social, emotional and language development. In that context, the role of day-care centers and home care have been investigated and in these studies the influence of mothers, other care-givers and the teachers upon child development were highlighted. Mothers or other primary caregivers provide a sense of security which is vital for children’s well-being via an important emotional bound. This emotional bound; attachment, is sometimes interrupted by various reasons. Children who lost their family or have no chance to be with their primary care-giver may suffer from this interruption or limitation of the attachment. Not only family loss but also parents who could not spend qualified time with their children may cause limited or insecure attachment. In that context day-care centers and early child care approaches take the responsibility to support children’s development and protect their well-being. In the current study, it was aimed to examine one of these supporting approaches: Pikler Pedagogy. In addition, the prominent applications of Pikler Pedagogy for developing countries and the adaptability of this pedagogy in similar contexts were emphasized. To this end, the current study was designed as a qualitative research and the data was collected through document analysis. The study presented the information such as the country profile of Hungary, general characteristics of its education, specifically early childhood education system. As a result, based on the examined documents it could be stated that Pikler Pedagogy provides educators or care givers a framework about how to satisfy children’s physical and emotional needs and how to support their whole development
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