Melatonin Releasing Electrospun Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering.

Dalgıç, Ali Deniz
Atila, Deniz
Tezcaner, Ayşen
Keskin, Dilek


Melatonin strongly interacts with zwitterionic model membranes - evidence from Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry
Severcan, Feride; Sahin, I; Kazanci, N (2005-03-01)
Interactions of melatonin with zwitterionic dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) multilamellar liposomes (MLVs) were investigated as a function of temperature and melatonin concentration (1-30 mol%) by using two noninvasive techniques, namely Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The investigation of the C-H, C=O, and PO2- antisymmetric double stretching modes in FTIR spectra and DSC studies reveal that melatonin changes the physical properties of the ...
Melatonin affects the order, dynamics and hydration of brain membrane lipids
Akkaş, Sara Banu; Zorlu, Faruk; Severcan, Feride (Elsevier BV, 2007-05-27)
The brain is especially susceptible to free radical attack since it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and consumes very high amounts of oxygen. Melatonin is a non-enzymatic amphiphilic antioxidant hormone that is widely used in medicine for protective and treatment purposes in cases of oxidative stress. In the present work, the effects of the clinically used dose of melatonin (a single intraperitoneal dose of 100 mg/kg) on rat brain homogenate were investigated as a function of temperature using Fourie...
Melatonin induces opposite effects on order and dynamics of anionic DPPG model membranes
Sahin, Ipek; Severcan, Feride; Kazanci, Nadide (Elsevier BV, 2007-05-27)
The temperature and concentration induced effects of melatonin on anionic dipalmitoyl phosphatidylglycerol (DPPG) multilamellar liposomes (MLVs) were investigated by using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The results show that melatonin does not perturb the phase transition profile, while a decrease in the main transition temperature (T-m) is noticed at high melatonin concentrations (15, 24 and 30 mol Low concentrations of melatonin (3, 6 and 9 mol ...
Collagen Based Multilayer Scaffolds for Meniscus Tissue Engineering: In Vivo Test Results. Biomater Med Appl 2: 1
Albana Ndreu, Halili; Karahan, Siyami; Kürüm, Barış; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (2018-04-01)
Meniscus is an important component of the knee joint since it performs several crucial functions such as shock absorption, load bearing and transmission, maintenance of joint stability, and lubrication. The results of common meniscal injury repair approaches are not fully satisfactory with low mechanical properties and long regeneration times. A 3D collagen-based construct consisting of multilayers of lyophilized sponges separated by electrospun fibrous mats was prepared previously to serve as a substitute ...
Melanges through time: Life cycle of the world's largest Archean melange compared with Mesozoic and Paleozoic subduction-accretion-collision melanges
Kusky, Timothy; Wang, Junpeng; Wang, Lu; Huang, Bo; Ning, Wenbin; Fu, Dong; Peng, Hongtao; Deng, Hao; Polat, Ali; Zhong, Yating; Shi, Guanzhong (Elsevier BV, 2020-10-01)
Melanges represent a significant component of collisional and accretionary orogenic belts. We present a comparison of subduction-accretion melanges of different ages to test how melange-forming processes at convergent margins changed through time. We describe the Mesozoic McHugh melange in Alaska, and the Paleozoic Proto-Tethyan Laohushan melange of the Qilian Orogenic Belt of the Alpine-Himalayan chain, together with documentation of a Neoarchean melange that marks the suture between the Eastern Block and ...
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