New firm formation in the metropolitan areas of Turkey after 1980

Yunusoğlu, Bahar


New Formulation and Implementation of Vibrational Self-Consistent Field Theory
Hansen, Mikkel B.; Sparta, Manuel; Seidler, Peter; Toffolı, Danıele; Christiansen, Ove (2010-01-01)
A new implementation of the vibrational self-consistent field (VSCF) method is presented on the basis of a second quantization formulation. A so-called active terms algorithm is shown to be a significant improvement over a standard implementation reducing the computational effort by one order in the number of degrees of freedom. Various types of screening provide even further reductions in computational scaling and absolute CPU time. VSCF calculations on large polyaromatic hydrocarbon model systems are pres...
New Perspective on more Sustainable and Affordable Housing for Lower Income Group in Turkey - Assessing Life Cycle Cost
Emekçi, Şeyda; Tanyer, Ali Murat (2016-11-18)
A building must be sustainable in order to make as little impact as possible on the natural environments and use energy, water, land and other resources efficiently. However, the concept of sustainability makes sense when applied by all segments of society. No matter how sustainable, a building never achieves environmental protection completely, while another build-ing next to its harms the environment. To ensure environmental protection completely, especially the low-income group must be included in this s...
New possibilities on training of NDT personnel
Yelbay, Hasan İlker; Gür, Cemil Hakan (null; 2017-01-01)
Training is the most important step for qualification of certifying NDT personnel. In order to certify a person for any NDT method satisfactory training is a must in all standards. Due to increased utilization of computer and internet, educational principles have being started to change in the way of online-learning. It is an inevitable fact that NDT societies should adopt themselves in the progress of educational concepts. Since NDT training includes both theoretical and practical parts, a blended learning...
New synthesis of a-Pyron derivatives
Polat, Sıdıka; Tarhan, Okan; Demir, Ayhan S.; Department of Chemistry (1997)
Newly developed passive damping and seismic isolation devices with adaptive post-elastic stiffness
Dicleli, Murat (null; 2017-04-27)
: In this paper, a summary of analytical and experimental studies into the behaviour of a new hysteretic damper and a seismic isolator designed for seismic protection of structures is presented. The Multi-directional Torsional Hysteretic Damper (MRSD) and its isolator version MARTI (Multi-Directional Adaptive Torsional Isolator) are patented inventions in which a symmetrical arrangement of identical cylindrical steel cores is so configured as to yield in torsion while the structure experiences planar moveme...
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B. Yunusoğlu, “New firm formation in the metropolitan areas of Turkey after 1980,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.