İşlevsel edimbilim yöntemiyle metin içinde gösterme alanının incelenmesi

Sağın Şimşek, Sultan Çiğdem
Rehbein, Jochen
Babur, Ezel
This study will analyze the complex role of deictic expressions bu, şu, o in Turkish texts within the framework of Functional Pragmatics developed by Echlich and Rehbein since 1970s. In Sağın-Şimşek, Babur & Rehbein (2008) the deictic field was illustrated by means of bu, şu and o in discourse and it has been shown that the deictic field of Turkish is triplified into the classes of o[x]-occurrences which are mainly anadeictic, ş[x]- occurrences are mainly catadeictic, while b[x]- occurrences mainly focus hearers/ readers to objects in the environment of the origo. In order to analyze functions of these deixes in texts, examples taken from Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech Babamın Bavulu (2008) and Vedat Türkali’s Mavi Karanlık (2006). This study will also claim that the simple analysis of the Turkish deictic field as threefold needs to be modified due to the historical and language typological changes in Turkic languages.
Citation Formats
S. Ç. Sağın Şimşek, J. Rehbein, and E. Babur, “İşlevsel edimbilim yöntemiyle metin içinde gösterme alanının incelenmesi,” pp. 1–16, 2009, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/86140.