Education for Sustainable Development ESD Practices in Early Childhood Settings A Turkish Sample

Kahriman Öztürk, Deniz
Olgan, Refika


Education in the name of 'order and progress' - Reflections on the recent eight year obligatory school reform in Turkey
Ozdalga, E (Wiley, 1999-07-01)
Education and economic growth in Turkey, 1980-1990: A panel study
Güngör, Nil Demet; Tansel, Aysıt; Department of Economics (1996)
Educational perception of the internally displaced families' children: evidence from İzmir and Diyarbakır
Arı, Esra; Hoşgör, Hatice Ayşe; Department of Sociology (2010)
Turkey experienced conflict-induced internal displacement due to the political and social unrest, in the late 1980s and during the 1990s, in East and South East Anatolia regions. The unplanned and involuntary nature of migration led internally displaced persons (IDPs), and in particular forced many Kurdish migrants’ children to poverty. Within this framework, this study aims to explore how internally displaced families’ high school attending children experience poverty in two cities, İzmir and Diyarbakir. I...
Education and experience in nursing: a comparison between Vocational School and University Graduates
Çavuşoğlu, Rana; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2013)
This study aims to examine the transformation of nursing from a traditional activity to a profession within Turkey’s context within at least two decades and evaluate in comparative manner across nurses of different ages. The evaluation will be basically on the basis of representing different family background, education, understanding images of nursing in society, approaches towards traditional and professional ways of nursing. Various educational levels and nursing titles might cause the apprehension of un...
Education and lack of self-Awareness: (on dehumanization of educational knowledge in modern society)
Balanuye, Çetin; Köse, M. Ruhi; Department of Educational Sciences (1998)
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