Single-Family Houses Portfolio Optimization under Impact of Large Investors in Housing Markets

Yılmaz, Bilgi
Korn, Ralf
Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe
9th General AMaMeF Conference, 2019


Failing promises of homeownership in Turkey
Aksoy Khurami, Esma; Özdemir Sarı, Özgül Burcu; Department of City and Regional Planning (2020-12-23)
Homeownership is not a new agenda of housing policy in Turkey. During the last 20 years, policies promoting homeownership have been executed, and planning has been used as a pair of tongs. Through new house building, the increase in homeownership rates is expected to provide individuals with a means of opportunity. As initial promises, homeownership is argued to provide everyone with a chance to acquire a stable home, a way of refraining from affordability problems, wealth accumulation through housing, and ...
Securing future of social housing: learning from an alternative regeneration/ gyldenrisparken in Denmark
Bican, Nezih Burak; Cengizkan, Ali; Mortensen, Peder Duelund; Department of Architecture (2016)
There has been a vast quantity of mass-housing production by the central housing authority in Turkey in the recent years. Operated in line with neo-liberal economy-policies since the beginning of 2000s, the public production has concentrated on speed of construction, quantity of dwelling units, and developing financial resource for ‘social housing’ provision by building luxury housing in profitable urban lands. However, this provision has faced criticism of various academic and non-academic circles, primari...
Housing market dynamics and advances in mortgages: option based modeling and hedging
Yılmaz, Bilgi; Selçuk-Kestel, A. Sevtap,; Department of Financial Mathematics (2019)
In the last two decades, academicians and professionals intending to study in any area of real estate and finance not only must master advanced financial mathematics concepts and mathematical/econometric models but also should be able to implement those concepts computationally to improve real estate markets' efficiency. This comprehensive thesis mainly aims to combine the theory of financial mathematics with an emphasis on real-life applications in keeping with the way, both investors and policymakers, in ...
Motameni, Ali; Evis, Zafer; -, -; Department of Engineering Sciences (2021-9-06)
In this thesis, mesoporous particles of β-tricalcium phosphate (βTCP, βCa3(PO4)2) and lanthanum (La) doped βTCP were synthesized by wet precipitation method attached with a microwave refluxing system. Pure dicalcium phosphate (DCP) and La modified dicalcium phosphate (La-DCP) bone cements were prepared based on acid/base reaction between βTCP (or La- βTCP) and monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCPM) in the presence of water. DCP bone cements were also mixed with 1.5-3.5wt.% of graphene oxide (GO). The obta...
Implementation of a low-cost smart camera apllication on a cots system
Baykent, Hayri Kerem; Akar, Gözde; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
The objective of this study is to implement a low-cost smart camera application on a Commercial off the Shelf system that is based on Texas Instrument’s DM3730 System on Chip processor. Although there are different architectures for smart camera applications, ARM plus DSP based System on Chip architecture is selected for implementation because of its different core abilities. Beagleboard-XM platform that has an ARM plus DSP based System on Chip processor is chosen as Commercial off the Shelf platform. Durin...
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B. Yılmaz, R. Korn, and S. A. Kestel, “Single-Family Houses Portfolio Optimization under Impact of Large Investors in Housing Markets,” presented at the 9th General AMaMeF Conference, 2019, Paris, Fransa, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: