Olimpiyat Oyunları’nda Sporcu Devşirilmesi

Athletes who are born in a different country but who pass and represent citizenship of another country are called as “transfer of allegiance of athletes”. The recruitment of talented and successful athletes is an emerging reality in the globalizing world. Particularly, these athletes that we encountered high numbers in the Olympic Games cause debate in the sports area. When national and international literature was investigated, many newspaper reports and/or articles about the transfers of allegiance of athletes can be found. However, there are limited scientific based studies on the subject. Therefore, the purpose of this study was two-fold: a) to examine the role of transfer of allegiance among the athletes in the world and inTurkey and b) to examine the effects of changing allegiance of athletes on the Olympic Games. Descriptive research methodology was used to examine a) the historical development of transfers of allegiance in the Olympic Games, b) the laws and regulations for transfers of allegiance, c) the role of changing allegiance of athletes in the world and in Turkey, and d) the effects of transfers of allegiance of athletes on the Olympic Games. It is revealed that the number of studies should be increased to produce appropriate policies related to transfers of allegiance. In addition, it is wrong to develop policies only depending on transfers of allegiance. Instead of this, appropriate action plans should be promoted to develop infrastructure and training opportunities for our athletes. Furthermore, sports culture in our country should be encouraged
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