A treatment of singular Lagrangians as field systems and Hamiltonian treatment of a relativistic particle

Farhat, Nasser Ismail


A bibliometric analysis of women's employment
ÇAKIR, Sinem; Derin Güre, Pınar; Department of Social Policy (2022-12)
This thesis aims to analyze how contributions have been made to the literature on women's employment with a quantitative bibliometric approach. Main articles, authors, institutes, countries, journals, and most cited authors' genders of women's employment literature were determined, and how they differed in the context of developed and developing countries was discussed. As far as we know, this kind of quantitative literature review on women's employment has not been done before, and the literature differenc...
A Probabilistic Approach for Indirect Elicitation of the Preferences of a Decision Maker
Yet, Barbaros (2018-05-28)
Eliciting the preferences of a Decision Maker (DM) is a challenging task in multi criteria-decision making problems. DM preferences can be represented in the form of weights for criteria. Direct elicitation methods can be cognitively difficult for the DM especially when a large number of weights with close values are available. Indirect methods are beneficial in this regard as they use decision alternatives rather than weights for elicitation. However, the accuracy of these approaches can vary depending on ...
A nonlocal micromorphic theory of nonlinear anisotropic and linear isotropic elastic dielectrics.
Erdem, Ali Ünal; Dikmen, Murat; Department of Engineering Sciences (1975)
A semismooth newton method for generalized semi-infinite programming problems
Tezel Özturan, Aysun; Karasözen, Bülent; Department of Mathematics (2010)
Semi-infinite programming problems is a class of optimization problems in finite dimensional variables which are subject to infinitely many inequality constraints. If the infinite index of inequality constraints depends on the decision variable, then the problem is called generalized semi-infinite programming problem (GSIP). If the infinite index set is fixed, then the problem is called standard semi-infinite programming problem (SIP). In this thesis, convergence of a semismooth Newton method for generalize...
A classification of equivariant principal bundles over nonsingular toric varieties
Biswas, Indranil; Dey, Arijit; Poddar, Mainak (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2016-12-01)
We classify holomorphic as well as algebraic torus equivariant principal G-bundles over a nonsingular toric variety X, where G is a complex linear algebraic group. It is shown that any such bundle over an affine, nonsingular toric variety admits a trivialization in equivariant sense. We also obtain some splitting results.
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N. I. Farhat, “A treatment of singular Lagrangians as field systems and Hamiltonian treatment of a relativistic particle,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1994.