Mechanical and microstructural evolution of solid graphite nozzle throats in extreme temperature and pressure conditions

Kaygusuz, Burçin
Nigar, Barış
Ünlüsoy, Levent
Çöker, Demirkan
Özerinç, Sezer


Mechanical and microstructural evolution of solid graphite rocket nozzle throats in extreme temperature and pressure conditions
Kaygusuz, Burçin; Nigar, Barış; Ünlüsoy, Levent; Çöker, Demirkan; Özerinç, Sezer (null; 2018-10-25)
Durability of the rocket nozzle and the throat component is one of the key aspects for the reliable operation of a rocket during its trajectory. Graphite is commonly used as a throat material due to its high temperature resistance, ablative characteristics and low cost. However, graphite can fracture due to the combined effects of thermal loading and pressure during rocket firing, which is catastrophic for the operation of the rocket. Therefore, there is a need to understand all aspects of graphite failure,...
Mechanical and microstructural evaluations of hot formed titanium sheets by electrical resistance heating process
Ozturk, Fahrettin; Ece, Remzi Ecmel; Polat, Naki; Koksal, Arif; Evis, Zafer; Polat, Aytekin (Elsevier BV, 2013-08-20)
In this study, effect of temperature in the electrical resistance heating process on mechanical properties and microstructures of commercially pure titanium grade 2 (CP2) and Ti-6Al-4V (T64) alloy sheets was investigated. Sheets were successfully heated by the electric resistance heating process, and their mechanical properties and microstructures were evaluated. Ductilities of both materials were increased significantly after 400 degrees C. Results indicate that no significant change was observed in grain ...
Mechanical and optical properties of SiO2 thin films deposited on glass
Simurka, Lukas; Ctvrtlik, Radim; Tomastik, Jan; Bektaş, Gence; Svoboda, Jan; Bange, Klaus (2018-09-01)
The optical and mechanical properties of amorphous SiO2 films deposited on soda-lime silicate float glass by reactive RF magnetron sputtering at room temperature were investigated in dependence of the process pressure. The densities of the films are strongly influenced by the process pressure and vary between 2.38 and 1.91 g cm(-3) as the pressure changes from 0.27 to 1.33 Pa. The refractive indices of the films shift between 1.52 and 1.37, while the residual compressive stresses in the deposited films vary...
Mechanical, flow and electrical properties of thermoplastic polyurethane/fullerene composites: Effect of surface modification of fullerene
Tayfun, Umit; KANBUR, YASİN; ABACI, UFUK; GÜNEY, HASAN YÜKSEL; Bayramlı, Erdal (2015-10-01)
Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) composites with fullerene loadings varying from 0.5 to 2 weight% were prepared by melt-mixing method. Nitric acid oxidation and silanization were applied to fullerene surface to improve interfacial interactions with TPU matrix. The influence of surface modifications of fullerene on mechanical, melt flow and electrical properties of TPU based composites were investigated. Incorporation of fullerene leads to nearly twofold increase in tensile strength and Young's modulus of th...
Mechanical and Biological Properties of Tooth Colored Zirconia Ceramics Developed for Dental Applications
Öztürk, Abdullah (2019-10-16)
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B. Kaygusuz, B. Nigar, L. Ünlüsoy, D. Çöker, and S. Özerinç, “Mechanical and microstructural evolution of solid graphite nozzle throats in extreme temperature and pressure conditions,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: