An overview of Canada's mineral industry current situation and trends

XI. International Mineral Processing Symposium, 21-23 October 2008


An overview of the CIS construction market and quidelines for foreign construction companies
Sinman, O Mutlu; Birgönül, Talat; Department of Civil Engineering (1996)
An Overview of Internet of Things and Wireless Communications
ULUŞAR, ÜMİT DENİZ; Al-Turjman, Fadi; Celik, Gurkan (2017-10-08)
Innovations in technology that have enabled efficient wireless tiny devices propelled the concept of Internet of Things. It is expected that mobile data traffic will experience 8-fold growth between 2015 and 2020 and the number of mobile connected devices will reach 11.6 billion by 2020. Main factors of this exponential growth and wide acceptance are the integration of several technologies and communications solutions such as wired and wireless sensor and actuator networks, next generation communication pro...
An Overview of Turkey's Young Population
Rittersberger, Helga İda (2016-02-01)
An overview of bird related issues in electrical power systems
Polat, O.; Yumak, K.; Atilla, N. E.; Bağrıyanık, Mustafa (2016-09-25)
Power system equipments, especially overhead lines and utility poles are posing great risk to avian species. Main purpose of this paper is to draw attention of distribution companies and community on conserving bird species and their habitats. The paper also provides regulatory framework about protecting bird species, impacts of birds on utility equipments and remedial actions that can be taken for problem specific cases. Furthermore, a sector review of industrial applications and effectiveness of mitigatio...
An overview of biodiversity and conservation status of steppes of the Anatolian Biogeographical Region
Ambarlı, Didem; Zeydanlı, Uğur Siyami; Balkız, Özge; Aslan, Serdar; Karaçetin, Evrim; Sözen, Mustafa; Ilgaz, Çetin; Ergen, Arzu Gursoy; Lise, Yıldıray; Caglayan, Semiha Demirbas; Welch, Hilary Joy; Welch, Geoff; Turak, Ayşe Suzan; Bilgin, Cemal Can; Özkil, Aydan; Vural, Mecit (2016-11-01)
The Anatolian Biogeographical Region is unique in the Palearctic realm, with high plant and butterfly species richness and populations of globally threatened birds, mammals and herptiles (amphibians and reptiles). It is a place of diverse land-use practices, dating back to the earliest farming practices in the world. Among 10,930 species of vascular plants, birds, butterflies, mammals and herptiles distributed in Turkey, we identified 1130 living predominantly in steppic environments and being classified ei...
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