The role and contributions of the Balkan Turks in the foundation of the Turkish Republic


The contribution of the United Nations development programme to the development efforts of the developing countries
Köksal, Aslı; Köksal, Erhan; Department of Political and Administrative Sciences (1987)
The achievement and the future of Turkish apparel industry in international markets
Sarıoğlu, Mehmet; Ateş, Hüseyin; Department of Business Administration (1990)
The role of vakıf institution in the conservation of vakıf based cultural heritage
Akar, Tuba; Madran, Emre; Department of Architecture (2009)
Founded by individuals for religious and charity purposes, the Vakıf institution was the main institution in the construction and conservation of the built environment in the Ottoman period. Religious, charitable, municipal, educational, social and health services were provided by spaces such as külliyes, mosques, medreses, hans, baths, shops, etc. which were built through the Vakıf Institution. As the underlying concept of the vakıf institution was serving forever, the repair of these spaces the vakıf bui...
The Contribution of Foreign Intervention to Post-Arab Spring Conflicts in -Yemen and Libya-
Ali , Afnan Imad Eldin Musa; Kahveci, Hayriye; Political Science and International Relations (2021-9)
A decade ago, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region experienced a series of anti-government uprisings, referred to as “The Arab Spring”. The traditional corrupted regimes, the absence of political freedom and decline standard of living incited people to take their demands to the streets. People were asking for the fall of the authoritarian regimes, and the rise of democratic path for the transfer of power with a mutual slogan ―Alshaeb yurid iisqat alnizam/الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام ‖ (in English: the ...
The contribution of geographic information system to the urban planning process in Turkey
Kepoğlu, Volkan Osman; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2003)
This thesis attempts to show the contribution of Geographic Information System to urban planning process in Turkey. GIS can enhance the planning system by providing an access to accurate, reliable and update geographical information, producing alternatives according to the scenario and ensuring participation in the evaluation of the alternatives. This is the high level contribution of GIS for the enhancement of planning. The contribution can occur; if certain conditions are sustained such as establishment o...
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