Impacts of climate nonstationarities onhydroclimatological extremes

Yücel, İsmail
Rizwan, Aziz
Under changing climate, the probabilities of hydrclimatological extreme events can no more be assumed as constant. We may observe an increasing trend, decreasing trend or a random shift in extreme events. These changes in results cause changes in return periods and return levels. In this study stationary and nonstationary distributions are used to observe the impacts of nonstationarities on return periods and return levels of extreme events throughout Turkey. The stationary and nonstationary frequency distributions are used for number of hydroclimatological stations of precipitation, temperature and streamflow data. Similar frequency analysis is done for the projected time series of precipitation and temperature obtained through CORDEX RCM ensemble approach. The results of this study explain the impacts of climate nonstationarities on the return periods and return levels of hydroclimatological extreme variables. The results obtained from this study can be very useful for agriculture and long term planning and development of water resources.
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