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Original Water Supply and Heating Systems in a 14th Century Bath: Çukur Hamam

Temizsoy, Arzu
Yıldırım Esen, Sibel
Şahlan, Kevser
Tunç, Nurgül
Telatar, Sinem
Today historic baths deserve more detailed research on the characteristics of their water supply and heating systems in terms of efficiency, sustainability, economy and capacity. In this paper, to discuss these characteristics, the original water supply, surface-water discharge and heating systems of “Çukur Hamam” in Manisa (Turkey) are examined in a limited extent. Çukur Hamam, dated to the 14th century, represents the general characteristics of its period, whereas the water supply system providing natural pressure by arranging various levels remains as a unique example. In this presentation, design principles, architectural elements and their construction techniques will be discussed with special references to water supply, surface-water discharge and heating systems.