Expert system for overburden removal equipment selection in surface coal mines

Erdem, Bülent


Expert discourse on Turkish climate policy
Üzelgün, Mehmet Ali; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2007)
This study renders the current frame of global climate change policies as a mirror of a new era, marked by surpass of the once absolute limits to growth towards humanity’s management and optimization of natural processes of the planet. A total of 24 interviews were realized with Turkish governmental and non-governmental experts on climate change, after application of a two-staged environmental attitude and policy questionnaire. Critical discourse analysis of interviews was performed to elaborate the results...
Expert views and local responses towards Iraqi Turkmen humanitarian refugees in Ankara, Turkey
Manap Kırmızıgül, Çiğdem; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Sociology (2017)
This dissertation is based on the stories and perceptions of the local people about therefugees in their daily relationships in Ankara. With an aim to reveal the localpeople’s perspective about the refugees, the fieldwork of this study was carried out inAbidinpaşa District, where the population of Iraqi Turkmens is concentrated inAnkara. The local people’s perspectives about the refugees are analyzed based onSimmel’s concept of “stranger”, and relying on Park’s “marginal man”, Siu’s“sojourner”, and Bauman’s...
JOHN, RC; THOMPSON, WT; Karakaya, İshak (1989-01-01)
Expert Interview: What Are The Changes Required In The Industrial World To Adapt To Circular Materials Innovation?
Pedgley, Owaın Francıs (Elisava / Politecnico di Milano / Matter, 2021-01-01)
Expert systems in business: an application for life insurance underwriting
Abu-Zir, Yousef; Tolun, Mehmet R.; Shuwehdi, Abdulhafid; Department of Computer Engineering (1991)
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B. Erdem, “Expert system for overburden removal equipment selection in surface coal mines,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.