Analysing Pragmatic Competence of Pre-service English Language Teachers

Seferoğlu, Gölge
Terzi, Canan


Analysing Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Their Science Classroom in Relation to Attitudes and Motivation
Arısoy, Naziye; Çakıroğlu, Jale; Sungur, Semra; Telli, Sibel (null, Sense Publisher, 2016-01-01)
In recent years, education has been blamed for graduates not being sufficiently able to apply their knowledge to solve complex problems in working contexts. Therefore, the development and implementation of instructional practices that foster students’ skills to communicate, think and reason effectively, make judgements about the accuracy of information, solve complex problems and work collaboratively in diverse teams, remains an important challenge for today’s education (Pellegrino, Chodowsky, & Glaser, 2001).
Analysing flood vulnerable areas with multicriteria evaluation.
Yalçın, Güler; Akyürek, Zuhal; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2002)
Analysing R&D Activities of Foreign Enterprises in Emerging Economies: Lessons from Turkey
Pamukcu, Mehmet Teoman; Erdil, Erkan ( World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2016-01-01)
Analysing design parameters of hydroelectric power plant projects to develop cost decision models by using regresion and neural network tools
Şahin, Hacı Bayram; Gündüz, Murat; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
Energy is increasingly becoming more important in today’s world. Ascending of energy consumption due to development of technology and dense population of earth causes greenhouse effect. One of the most valuable energy sources is hydro energy. Because of limited energy sources and excessive energy usage, cost of energy is rising. There are many ways to generate electricity. Among the electricity generation units, hydroelectric power plants are very important, since they are renewable energy sources and they ...
Analysing and characterising horizontal well performance in rectangular closed gas reservoirs considering non-Darcy flow conditions
Al-Rbeawi, Salam (Inderscience Publishers, 2020-01-01)
This paper investigates the impact of non-Darcy flow, represented by rate-dependent skin factor (DQ(SC)), on pressure profiles, flow regimes, and productivity indices of horizontal wells extending in conventional and unconventional gas reservoirs. It introduces a new simplified technique for characterising reservoir performance under different non-Darcy flow impacts. The outcomes of this study are summarised as: 1) understanding the conditions at which non-Darcy flow could have considerable effects on reser...
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