Sürekli akış sisteminde sentez edilen MFI tipi zeolit membranların tek gaz geçirgenlik ölçümleri ve çift gaz karışımlarının ayrımı ile karakterizasyonu

Soydaş Sözer, Belma
Çulfaz Emecen, Pınar Zeynep
Çulfaz, Ali
Kalıpçılar, Halil


Pervaporation of organic/water mixtures by MFI type zeolite membranes synthesized in a flow system
Dede, Özlem; Kalıpçılar, Halil; Department of Chemical Engineering (2007)
Zeolite membrane synthesis is conventionally carried out in batch systems. Recently, several attempts have been performed to synthesize zeolite membranes in flow systems which can allow preparation of membranes with large specific surface areas. Membranes synthesized in the recirculating flow system had comparable N2/SF6 and n- C4H10/i-C4H10 ideal selectivities with the membranes prepared in the batch system, indicating that good quality membranes can be produced by this method. The objective of this study ...
Interactive approaches for bi-objective UAV route planning in continuous space
Türeci, Hannan; Köksalan, Murat; Tezcaner Öztürk, Diclehan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2017)
We study the route planning problem of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). We consider two objectives; minimizing total distance traveled and minimizing total radar detection threat since these objectives cover most of the other related factors. We consider routing in a two-dimensional continuous terrain, in which we have infinitely many efficient trajectories between target pairs. We develop interactive algorithms that find the most preferred solution of a route planner (RP), who has either of the underlying pre...
Design and construction of a cw mode nd : yag laser prototype
Eryılmaz, Ertan; Esendemir, Akif; Department of Physics (2004)
In this thesis a theoretical background of Nd:YAG lasers has been presented and key parameters of a design have been stated. Both pulsed mode and CW mode designs have been made; a 500mJ xenon flash lamp has been investigated as the pulsed light source and a 500W tungsten halogen lamp has been used as the continuous light source for optical pumping. Closed cooling system has been constructed. De-ionized water has been used as coolant. The goal has been acomplished by constructing a CW mode prototype. The out...
Biological hydrogen production on acetate in continuous panel photobioreactors using rhodobacter capsulatus
Androga, Dominic Deo; Eroğlu, İnci; Department of Chemical Engineering (2009)
Photobiological hydrogen production from organic acids occurs in the presence of light and under anaerobic conditions. Stable and optimized operation of the photobioreactors is the most challenging task in the photofermentation process. The main aim of this study was to achieve in long term, a stable and high hydrogen production on acetate, using the photosynthetic bacteria Rhodobacter capsulatus in continuous panel photobioreactors. Rhodobacter capsulatus (DSM 1710), heat adapted Rhodobacter capsulatus (DS...
FPGA implementation of field oriented control forpermanent magnet synchronous motor
Irmak, Gizem; Saranlı, Afşar; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
The thesis study focuses on the fully operational FPGA implementation for the current/torque control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. 3-phase synchronous motors with permanent magnets can be categorized into two categories as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor. The main difference between PMSM and BLDC is the shape of the induced back-EMF voltage. While BLDC motors have trapezoidal shaped back-EMF, PMSMs have a sinusoidal back-EMF. In order to take ad...
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B. Soydaş Sözer, P. Z. Çulfaz Emecen, A. Çulfaz, and H. Kalıpçılar, “Sürekli akış sisteminde sentez edilen MFI tipi zeolit membranların tek gaz geçirgenlik ölçümleri ve çift gaz karışımlarının ayrımı ile karakterizasyonu,” 2006, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/88034.