Effect of temperature and irradiation on the properties of the bismuth-based superconductors

Hamdan, Nasser


Effect of vortex motion in magnetic properties of high temperature superconductors
Sözeri, Hüseyin; Özkan, Hüsnü; Dorosinskii, Lev; Department of Physics (2002)
Effect of borron-doping and thermal neutron irradiation on the flux pinning in bulk high temperature superconductors
Topal, Uğur; Özkan, Hüsnü; Dorosinskii, Lev; Department of Physics (2003)
Effect of gamma irradiation on structure and electrical properties of (Bi,Pb)(2)Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 superconductor
Albiss, BA; Ozkan, H; Bocuk, H; Hasanlı, Nızamı; Ercan, I (1997-01-01)
Specimens of pure and Pb-doped high-T-c superconductors Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 (BSCCO) were irradiated with gamma-rays up to an integrated dose of about 225 MR. The variations of normal state resistance, transition temperature, critical current and lattice parameters with gamma-irradiation were studied. The normal state resistance increases with increase of gamma-dose at zero applied magnetic field, whereas the transition temperature and the critical current decrease with the same gamma-dose. The intensities of th...
Effect of synthesis environment on the electrochemical properties of (FeMnCrCoZn)(3)O-4 high-entropy oxides for Li-ion batteries
Bayraktar, Deniz Okan; LÖKÇÜ, ERSU; Özgür, Çağla; Erdil, Tuncay; Toparlı, Çiğdem (2022-09-01)
High-entropy oxides (HEOs) have gained significant attention from lithium-ion batteries since they can present cycling stability and possess a high specific capacity. While many studies have focused on discovering new high entropy oxides by changing their components, the influence of the synthesis environment on the structural properties and thus electrochemical behavior remain unresolved. Herein, we studied the effect of the synthesis environment, which is argon and air on the structural and electrochemica...
Effect of ground on flow structure of non-slender delta and reverse delta wings
Koçak, Göktuğ; Yavuz, Mehmet Metin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2023-1-26)
Flight condition of aircrafts proximity to the ground, so-called “Ground Effect” (GE), is among one of the most recent research areas since the aerodynamic performance and stability of wing in ground effect (WIG) crafts significantly vary due to the flow dynamics associated with the interaction between the wing and the surface. In the present study, ground effect of non-slender delta wings (DW) and reversed delta wings (RDW) at static ground effect (SGE) condition in the absence of heave and pitch motion w...
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N. Hamdan, “Effect of temperature and irradiation on the properties of the bismuth-based superconductors,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1993.