Numerical and experimental investigation of acoustophoretic microfluidic devices

Şahin, Mehmet Akif
Acoustophoresis is one of the techniques to manipulate suspended particles to intended positionsin continuous flow. In this study, a numerical simulation methodologythatcouples electro-mechanic, solid,and acoustic domains in 3Dhas been developedfor acoustofluidic chips. Numerical investigation of design and operation parameters'effectswere performedin terms of performance metrics. The simulation model was usedfor further analysis to understand the effects of manufacturing and assembly errors on acoustophoretic performance.The combined effect of chip dimensions on particle separation was investigated using the Monte Carlo approach.Acoustophoretic chips made of silicon, glass, and acrylic were fabricated and compared in terms of microparticlefocusingperformance.Even though the acrylic chip is more tolerant to thedimensional and manufacturingvariations, silicon and glass based chips were able tofocusthe microparticles better than the acrylic chip.
Citation Formats
M. A. Şahin, “Numerical and experimental investigation of acoustophoretic microfluidic devices,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.