On the occurrence of the Mediterranean monk seal on the northern Cyprus



On the formation of net phytoplankton patches in the southern Black Sea during the spring
Uysal, Zahit (2002-10-01)
Species composition, community structure and spatial distribution of net phytoplankton in the southern Black Sea have been studied. In the fraction over 55 mum, diatoms were found to be predominant in cell abundance and followed by dinoflagellates. Net phytoplankters were found to be more abundant in the southwestern sector, especially near the Bosporus and near Sakarya River mouth. MDS (Multi-Dimensional Scaling) analysis has projected four distinct patches along the coast, two of which appear to occupy sm...
On the cryptoannulenic behavior of certain corannulenes
Türker, Burhan Lemi (Informa UK Limited, 1996-01-01)
Cryptoannulenic behavior of certain corannulenes is investigated within the Framework of Huckel molecular orbital theory. It has been found that the cryptoannulenic behavior of the corannulenes studied, generally arises from the type of their individual peripheral rings (4m or 4m + 2) but not from the type of the inner or outer periphery of the whole corannulene system.
On the Formation and Accumulation of Solid Carbon Particles in High-Enthalpy Flows Mimicking Re-Entry in the Titan Atmosphere
Esposito, Antonio; Lappa, Marcello; Zuppardi, Gennaro; Allouis, Christophe Gerard; Apicella, Barbara; Commodo, Mario; Minutolo, Patrizia; Russo, Carmela (2020-06-01)
The problem relating to the formation of solid particles enabled by hypersonic re-entry in methane-containing atmospheres (such as that of Titan) has been tackled in the framework of a combined experimental-numerical approach implemented via a three-level analysis hierarchy. First experimental tests have been conducted using a wind tunnel driven by an industrial arc-heated facility operating with nitrogen as working gas (the SPES, i.e., the Small Planetary Entry Simulator). The formation of solid phases as ...
On the spatial development of the mixing layer at the interface between open water and a region containing emerged vegetation
Köken, Mete (null; 2016-07-15)
In this paper, we investigate the flow in an open channel containing a rectangular array of emerged rigid square cylinders at one of its sides. The length of the porous patch is finite and its width is one third of the channel width. The cylinders are distributed fairly uniformly within the array and the solid volume fraction is SVF = 10%. This mimics the case of an emerged patch of vegetation present at one of the banks of an open channel. The size of the square cylinders in the array is d = 0.1D, where D ...
On the space and time evolution of regular or irregular human heart or brain signals
Tuncay, C. (IOP Publishing, 2009-01-01)
A coupled map is suggested to investigate various spatial or temporal designs in biology: several cells (or tissues) in an organ are considered as connected to each other in terms of some molecular diffusions or electrical potential differences and so on. The biological systems (groups of cells) start from various initial conditions for spatial designs (or initial signals for temporal designs) and they evolve in time in terms of the mentioned interactions (connections) besides some individual feedings. The ...
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A. C. Gücü, M. Ok, and E. Akoğlu, “On the occurrence of the Mediterranean monk seal on the northern Cyprus,” 2007, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/88716.