Synthesis of some calcium phosphate based dental materials and structural studies

Sargin, Yelda


Synthesis of bismaleimide based structural polymers and their characterization
Yerlikaya, Zekeriya; Bayramlı, Erdal; Department of Chemistry (1994)
Synthesis of Electroactive Materials for Suspension based Flow Assisted Batteries
Yıldız, Bayram; Aşkar, Yasemin; Maviş, Bora; Çınar, Simge (null; 2019-12-01)
Synthesis of antibacterial zeolite-polyurethane composites
Kamisoglu, Kubra; Aksoy, Eda Ayse; Akata Kurç, Burcu; Bac, Nurcan; Hasırcı, Nesrin (2007-08-19)
Synthesis of calcium carbonate particles for biomedical applications
Oral, Çağatay Mert; Ercan, Batur; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2020)
Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) particles have been widely used in biomedical applications owing to their biocompatibility and biodegradability. In order to effectively utilize CaCO3 particles in biomedical applications, their physical and chemical properties should be systematically controlled. However, this is a challenging task due to the presence of three different anhydrous CaCO3 polymorphs having complex crystallization behavior. In this thesis, CaCO3 particles were synthesized at distinct environments to c...
Synthesis of zeolite-polymer composites for biological applications
Kamışoğlu, Kübra; Baç, Nurcan; Department of Chemical Engineering (2007)
Zeolites are nanoporous crystalline aluminosilicates that are tasteless, odorless and nontoxic to humans. They can be tailored into antibacterial agents that are more cost effective than other conventional alternatives. Considering the increasing demand for enduring antibacterial agents, the potential uses of antibacterial zeolites are numerous in medical applications and for everyday household products. To produce antibacterial zeolites, the extra framework cations in the zeolite structures can be exchange...
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Y. Sargin, “Synthesis of some calcium phosphate based dental materials and structural studies,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.