Development of Two and Three-Dimensional Euler Solvers for Adaptively Refined Cartesian Grids with Multigrid Applications

Çakmak, Mehtap
Aksel, Mehmet Haluk
Sert, Cüneyt


Development of a multigrid accelerated euler solver on adaptively refined two- and three-dimensional cartesian grids
Çakmak, Mehtap; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2009)
Cartesian grids offer a valuable option to simulate aerodynamic flows around complex geometries such as multi-element airfoils, aircrafts, and rockets. Therefore, an adaptively-refined Cartesian grid generator and Euler solver are developed. For the mesh generation part of the algorithm, dynamic data structures are used to determine connectivity information between cells and uniform mesh is created in the domain. Marching squares and cubes algorithms are used to form interfaces of cut and split cells. Geome...
Development of an all speed navier-stokes preconditioner for two and three dimensional flows on hybrid grids
Baş, Onur; Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2015)
In this study, a novel Mach uniform preconditioning method is developed for the solution of Euler/Navier-Stokes equations at subsonic and incompressible flow conditions. In contrast to the methods developed earlier in which the conservation of mass equation is preconditioned, the conservation of energy equation is preconditioned in the present method to enforce the divergence free constraint on the velocity field even at the limiting case of incompressible, zero Mach number flows. The proposed Mach-uniform ...
Development of a two-dimensional euler solver for unstructured grids
Sezal, İsmail Hakkı; Aksel, M. Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2001)
Development of a Navier-Stokes solver for multi-block applications
Erdoğan, Erinç; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2004)
A computer code is developed using finite volume technique for solving steady twodimensional and axisymmetric compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations for internal flows by أmulti-blockؤ technique. For viscous flows, both laminar and turbulent flow properties can be used. Explicit one step second order accurate Lax-Wendroff scheme is used for time integration. Inviscid solutions are verified by comparing the results of test cases of a support project which was supported by ONERA/France for Turkey T-10...
Development of 2D turbulent Navier-Stokes solver for Cartesian grids
Ata, Onur; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk; Baran, Özgür Uğraş; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2022-9)
A computer code is developed for solving two-dimensional compressible Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations. The compressible RANS equations are closed with the negative version of the Spalart-Allmaras (SA) turbulence model. Quad-tree-based Cartesian/Quad grids are used to discretize the solution domain. Then, a cell-centered, finite-volume approach is applied to solve turbulent flows. Solution-based mesh adaptivity is used to obtain mesh-free solutions. Since a quad-tree-based data storage is us...
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