Driving cycle and temperature effects on the energy performance of a solar-powered electric vehicle in Istanbul

Taylan, Onur
6th Global Congress on Renewable Energy and Environment (ESWAE 2018)


Vehicle effects on seismic response of a simple-span bridge during shake tests
Shaban, Nefize; Caner, Alp; Yakut, Ahmet; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Naghshineh, Ali Karimzadeh; Domanic, Arman; Can, Gizem (2015-05-01)
Presence of vehicles on a bridge has been observed many times during past earthquakes. Although in practice, the engineers may or may not include the live load contribution to seismic weight in design, current bridge design codes do not specify a certain guideline. A very limited research has been conducted to address this issue from design point of view. The focus of this research is to experimentally assess the effect of a vehicle on the seismic response of a bridge through a large-scale model. In this sc...
Power system stabilizers and dynamic stability studies.
Beynam, L Metin; Department of Electrical Engineering (1982)
Driving in the fasting month of Ramadan: An observational study on speeding, horn honking, and using seat belts
Yildirim-Yenier, Zumrut; LAJUNEN, TIMO JUHANI; Özkan, Türker (2016-10-01)
The aim of this study was to examine how Ramadan, i.e., fasting month for believers of Islam, was associated to observable driving behaviours (i.e., speeding, horn honking, and using seat belts) as compared to non-Ramadan. Observations on speeding, horn honking, and using seat belts were held during and after Ramadan in different times of the day in the same region of the city of Ankara. Speeds of 1885 vehicles were measured by hand held radar on a two-way eight-lane road with a 50 km/h speed limit. Horn ho...
Steering laws for control moment gyroscope systems used in spacecrafts attitude control
Yavuzoğlu, Emre; Tekinalp, Ozan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2003)
In this thesis, the kinematic properties of Single Gimballed Control Moment Gyroscopes (SGCMGs) are investigated. Singularity phenomenon inherent to them is explained. Furthermore, existing steering laws with their derivations are given. A novel steering law is developed that may provide singularity avoidance or may be used for quick transition through a singularity with small torque errors. To avoid singularity angular momentum trajectory of the maneuver is to be simulated in advance for the calculation of...
Vehicle routing problem in cross dockswith shift-based time constraints on products
Koçak, Menekşe; Serpil, Canan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2011)
In this study, the capacitated vehicle routing problem with shift based time constraints is taken into consideration. The study stemmed from an application in a cross dock. The considered cross dock is assumed to feed directly the production lines of its customer. The customer has a just-in-time production system that requires producing only in necessary quantities at the necessary times. This necessitates the arrival of the parts/products collected from different suppliers at the customer at the beginning ...
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E. GÜRER, O. Taylan, and T. YÜKSEL BEDİZ, “Driving cycle and temperature effects on the energy performance of a solar-powered electric vehicle in Istanbul,” Aydın, Türkiye, 2018, vol. 8, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/89323.