Measurement and source determination of air pollutants in Uludağ National Park

Baykal, Abdülhadi


Measurement and modelling of gas phase pollutantas in the mediterranean coast
Erduran, M Soner; Tuncel, Semra; Department of Chemistry (1997)
Measurement of traffic related toxic air pollutants in an urban atmosphere
Oguz, Öznur; Karman, Deniz; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (2003-04-01)
Nose-level measurements of air toxics were made along a busy urban street in Ottawa, Canada for 2 hr periods during morning, noon, and afternoon rush hours in the winter and summer of 2000. Measurements were also made in a commuter car and a transit bus during morning and afternoon commutes in 2000. The main objectives of the study were to establish a database, to determine temporal and seasonal variations and to determine the contribution of motor vehicle traffic to the measured toxic substance concentrati...
Measurement of gas phase pollutants and aerosols at a mountainous site
Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal; Ozer, U (1998-09-30)
Gas phase pollutants (O-3, NOx and SO2) suspended particulate matter (SPM), and major ions in aerosols were measured for 12 month period at a mountainous site of northwestern Turkey which is suffering from severe forest decline. Gaseous pollutants, SPM and meteorological parameters were measured in hourly basis with automated analyzers. Aerosol samples were collected daily. The long and short term trends in the concentrations of the measured parameters were investigated in order to understand the causes of ...
Measurement and evaluation of the hydrodynamics and secondary currents in and near a strait connecting large water bodies - A field study
Gueler, Isikhan; Yueksel, Yalcin; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Cevik, Esin; Ingerslev, Christian (Elsevier BV, 2006-09-01)
The straits connect two large water bodies show highly strong and stratified currents related to meteorological, morphological and hydrodynamic conditions. In some cases, spatial and temporal changes of the stratified currents and their thickness, direction and magnitude are so complex. This complexity directly affects the circulation pattern in the region, water exchange between both ends of the straits and migration of fish species. In order to understand general characteristics of this kind of straits an...
Caglar, Ahmet; Yamali, Cemil; Baker, Derek Keıth; KAFTANOĞLU, BİLGİN (2013-01-01)
The solar energy potential of Ankara, Turkey, (39.89 degrees N, 32.78 degrees E) has been investigated using the measurements of global and beam radiation over the period May 2008 to May 2009. Surface air temperature was also measured and variation in clearness index evaluated over this period. Global and beam radiations have been analyzed using hourly, daily and monthly averages obtained from 1-minute averages of recorded data. Results show that annual average daily global and beam radiations were 17.04 an...
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A. Baykal, “Measurement and source determination of air pollutants in Uludağ National Park,” Middle East Technical University, 1994.