Türkiye ve Dünyada Uygur Diasporası



Citizenship and ethniciıty inTurkey and Iran
Erden, Mustafa Suphi; Yeğen, Mesut; Department of Sociology (2010)
This thesis aims at understanding the citizenship formations in Turkey and Iran by a comparative study of ethnicity, state formation, and nation building in the two lands. The research question is what kind of socio-political and cultural elements caused the two nation states to follow different paths and end up with different citizenship and state formations in the end of the twentieth century. The foci of comparison are the homogenization process of the nation states in ethnic terms, the extent of mass mo...
Turkey and Turkish/Muslim minorities in Greece and Bulgaria (1923-1938)
Emen, Gözde; Boyar, Ebru; Department of International Relations (2011)
This thesis examined how Turkish perception of insecurity, which was based on its suspicions about Greek and Bulgarian intentions and politics towards its territorial integrity and stability of its regime, shaped its view of Turkish/Muslim minorities living in these two states in the early Republican period. Using a wealth of archival material and newspapers, it questioned to what extent these physical and ideological concerns of the Turkish Republic played a role in its approach to these minorities in the ...
Environmental ethics approach in the world and in Turkey
Yücel, A. Gamze; Tekeli, İlhan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2005)
This thesis analyzes the environmental knowledge, attitudes and environmentally significant behaviors of the environmental professionals such as academicians and higher level of bureaucrats in Turkey. Additionally socio-demographic characteristics of target groups were measured to examine if environmental professionals having environmental knowledge and defending ecocentric or at least homocentric approaches do really reflect their attitudes and knowledge into actual behaviors or a paradox arises when actua...
Nation and state building in Israel (1948-1967) and Turkey (1923-1946): a comparative assessment
Taşçıoğlu, Belcim; Aydıngün, Ayşegül; Department of Middle East Studies (2017)
The intention in this study is to make a comparison of the relationship between the state, religion and nationalism in the State of Israel and the Republic of Turkey during their state-building processes. Existing literature analyzing the relationship between the state and religion in Israel and Turkey reveals that both have been conceived as secular, democratic, modern states, and Israel can be put forward as exceptional case in the Middle East. That said, there is a need to include the issue of secularism...
Türkiye ve İsviçre 8. Sınıf sosyal bilgiler öğretim programlarının karşılaştırılması
İnce, Murat; Bilgin, Okan; Sarıcı, Hasan; Demir, Tuba (null; 2018-05-04)
The purpose of this study is to reveal similarities and differences of Turkey and Switzerland's 8th grade social studies curriculum in terms ofcontent, objectives, measurement and evaluation. The survey model was used in the study. A horizontal approach was adopted fromcomparative education approaches and a document analysis was conducted in the study. According to the findings of the research; Socialstudies in Turkey and Switzerland, this course was conducted with the name of Social sciences up to 8th grad...
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