The thought of process in Hegel and Whitehead: life and vitality

Karaosmanoğlu, Toprak
The purpose of this thesis is to clarify the thought of process in Hegel and Whitehead in the context of life and vitality. The concept of life has a special place for both Hegel and Whitehead. While Whitehead treats the situation of life in nature as the capital problem of philosophy and science, the concept of life serves as an analogy for Hegel’s philosophical system since it offers a model for thinking of development in general. The difficulty of unifying spirit and nature or objective world and subjectivity lies at the center of this study. In this regard, this thesis focuses also on mechanism, dialectical logic, the mind-body problem and on what can be thought. The mind-body problem is actually related to a more general debate on the difference between life and matter and leads us to the question of whether biology can completely be reduced to physics without loss. In this framework, this study will seek an answer to the question of what the concept of organism, the vitality and life are with regard to their processes of becoming or occurrence.
Citation Formats
T. Karaosmanoğlu, “The thought of process in Hegel and Whitehead: life and vitality,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.