Mathematical Modeling of the Soaking Period in a Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Application



Mathematical modeling of the soaking period in a microbial enhanced oil recovery application
Behlulgil, K; Mehmetoğlu, Mustafa Tanju (2003-09-01)
In this study, experimental conditions of the microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) technique applied for Garzan oil (26degrees API; southeast Turkey) were utilized in a mathematical model that describes the transport of bacteria and its nutrients by convective and dispersive forces, including bacterial decay and growth. From the results of the variation of bacterial concentration with distance, it was observed that the bacterial concentration increased as the nutrients were consumed with time. Although so...
Mathematical modeling of nox emissions in bubbling fluidized bed combustors
Afacan, M. Onur; Selçuk, Nevin; Department of Chemical Engineering (2005)
A comprehensive model, previously developed and tested for prediction of behavior of continuous fluidized bed combustors is extended to incorporate NOx formation and reduction reactions and applied to the simulation of METU 0.3 MWt Atmospheric Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustor (ABFBC) burning lignites with high volatile matter in their own ashes. The predictive accuracy of the model was assessed by comparing its predictions with measurements taken previously on the same rig. Favorable comparisons are obtaine...
Mathematical modeling of survival and weight loss of Baker's yeast during drying
Alpas, Hami; BOZOGLU, F; KATNAS, S (1996-10-01)
Drying and death rates of Baker's yeast were studied in a computer-controlled laboratory scale tunnel drier with varying air velocity between 2.0-3.0 ms-1 and temperatures within the range of 40-60 degrees C. Two falling rate periods were observed during the drying process. A single first-order expression described the death rate of the microorganisms during both drying phases. Arrhenius-type expressions described the effects of the temperature on the first falling rate period drying and death rate constant...
Mathematical modeling of wax deposition in crude oil pipeline systems
Saraçoğlu, Önder Ramiz; Kök, Mustafa V.; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (1999)
Mathematical modeling of a small-scale helicopter and mrac design with time based uncertainty parametrizations
Gürler, Mustafa; Kutay, Ali Türker; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2018)
In this thesis, nonlinear mathematical modeling of a small scale model helicopter is presented. In addition, problems in uncertainty parametrization component of Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) is investigated and external uncertainty on the system is parametrized using universal approximators such as Fourier Series and Chebyshev Polynomials in time dependent form. Advantages of using times based universal approximators in MRAC design of MIMO systems are presented. Proposed controller is tested on t...
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İ. Durgut, A. K. Behlülgil, and M. T. Mehmetoğlu, “Mathematical Modeling of the Soaking Period in a Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Application,” Energy Sources, pp. 871–877, 2003, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: