A Parallel GPU Implementation of SWIFFTX

Ulu, Metin Evrim
Cenk, Murat
The SWIFFTX algorithm is one of the candidates of SHA-3 Hash Competition that uses the number theoretic transform (NTT). It has 256-byte input blocks and 65-byte output blocks. In this paper, a parallel implementation of the algorithm and particular techniques to make it faster on GPU are proposed. We target version 6.1 of NVIDIA®CUDA™compute architecture that employs an ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) called Parallel Thread Execution (PTX) which possesses special instrinsics, hence we modify the reference implementation for better results. Experimental results indicate almost 10x improvement in speed and 5 W decrease in power consumption per 216 hashes.
8th International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences, MACIS 2019


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