Politik Bir Şiir ‘Yaşlı Gemici

10. Uluslararası Dil, Yazın ve Deyişbilim Sempozyumu


Politik Bir Başkaldırı: Mary Leapor'un "Crumble Hall" Şiirinde Toplumsal Cinsiyet ve Sınıf İlişkileri Bağlamında Dilin Kırılması ve Çoğul Perspektif
Birlik, Nurten (Hacettepe Universitesi, 2016-01-01)
Possibility of positive assessment of death fast as a political action
Bük, Fatma Betül; Deveci, Cem; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2021-9)
This study addresses the possibility of a positive assessment of the death fast action juxtaposed to the negative image which underlines mortality. This thesis is based on interviews with people who participated in the death fast action in 1996 and the 2000s, protesting the F-type prisons and lockdown in Turkey. The purpose is to understand death fast action and the activists who participated in these actions; in this study, 20 people were interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire. The data obt...
The NGOs as policy actors : the case of TÜSİAD with regard to Turkey's Eu membership
Gündem, Şebnem; Dağı, İhsan Duran; Department of European Studies (2004)
This study explores the effectiveness of NGOs within the policy process and governments2 decisions based on the case of TÜSİAD2s activities with regard to Turkey2s full membership process in the European Union. It firstly explains the process by which NGOs2 have become 3actors4 in world politics. The thesis, then, scrutinizes the role of NGOs in the policy process with regard to pluralist and corporatist paradigms and the concept of power since policy process can not be well understood without this theoreti...
Heidegger’s fundamental ontology as a political project
Soysal, Zühtücan; Karademir, Aret; Department of Philosophy (2016)
Martin Heidegger’s fundamental ontology has long been debated in relation to Heidegger’s personal political affiliations with National Socialism, and there is a wide scope of interpretations as to whether his thought is essentially linked to the Nazi ideology. The customary way of reading the Heideggerian corpus within this context is to investigate whether or not the fundamental ontology yields a discriminatory political stance in favor of Germans over the rest of the people (or a group of them), and both ...
Politik Sistem Algısı ve Duygular
Solak, Nevın; Sümer, Nebi (Nobel Yayınları, 2015-01-01)
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