E.M. Forster’s ‘The Story of the Siren’: An Encounter Between Earth and Water



G.W. Leibnizs metaphysical system with a special emphasis on perception
Oral, Deniz; Ceylan, Yasin; Turan, Halil Ş.; Department of Philosophy (2003)
This thesis is a study of Leibniz's concept of perception in relation with other fundamental components of his metaphysical system. The other components of Leibniz's metaphysics that are investigated are God, monads, unity, change, representation and interaction. Leibniz's system is largely determined by the idea of God and the relevant theories that are connected to this idea. That this world is the 'best of all possible worlds' and the 'system of pre-established harmony' are the theses that Leibniz deduce...
U.S. Involvement in the Development of Design in the Periphery : The Case History of Industrial Design Education in Turkey, 1950s-1970s
ER, HAMİT ALPAY; Korkut, Fatma; ER, ÖZLEM (MIT Press - Journals, 2003-04-01)
A Generalized
Coşkun, Buket; Demirtas, Hakan; Vardar Acar, Ceren (null; 2019-09-23)
Yassin, Salaheddin Abed J; Department of Mathematics (1981)
E-Biz Comes to Turkey
Karababa, Eminegül (null, Gazi Yayın Dağıtım, 2005-07-01)
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