A Critical Analysis of Two Approaches to Globalization and Governance


A sociological analysis on recent decentralization practices in global and Turkish context
Akbaş, Meral; Akşit, Bahattin; Department of Sociology (2007)
The debates over the structure of the Turkish government in the context of Public Administration Reform that point to restructuration of state and/or to re-organization of social relations between state, market and ‘civil society’ have gained momentum especially since the arrival of draft law about Main Principles of Public Administration and Restructuring of Public Administration to the Turkish Parliament. This thesis attempts to analyze the debate on recent public administration reform in Turkey in the co...
A Critical analysis of Turkish left‘s interpretation of the world order and Turkish foreign policy
Berk, Can; Bağcı, Hüseyin; Yalvaç, Faruk; Department of International Relations (2018)
This thesis offers a critical analysis of how Turkey’s socialist movement interpreted “the post-war world order and paradigm shifts in the foreign policy of Turkey” between 1945 and 1980 by mainly basing on “primary sources”. The thesis also explores the relationships between socialist groups’ theoretical frameworks and IR theories and the meta-theoretical bases of their theoretical frameworks. The main argument is that Turkish leftists’ analyses were dominated for the most part by realist assumptions and t...
A Literature Review of Sustainability Assessments of Infrastructure Systems
Yüksel, Müge; Tanyer, Ali Murat; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (null; 2018-11-16)
A critical assessment on regional development theories and policies Why are they no more attractive
Eraydın, Ayda (null; 2015-11-10)
A systematic review on global pollution status of particulate matter-associated potential toxic elements and health perspectives in urban environment
Ali, Muhammad Ubaid; Liu, Guijian; Yousaf, Balal; Ullah, Habib; Abbas, Qumber; Munir, Mehr Ahmad Mujtaba (2019-06-01)
Airborne particulate matter (PM) that is a heterogeneous mixture of particles with a variety of chemical components and physical features acts as a potential risk to human health. The ability to pose health risk depends upon the size, concentration and chemical composition of the suspended particles. Potential toxic elements (PTEs) associated with PM have multiple sources of origin, and each source has the ability to generate multiple particulate PTEs. In urban areas, automobile, industrial emissions, const...
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