Betül Yıldırım

Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
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The combustion performance and kinetics of Saray-Thrace region coal: The effects of particle size and heating rate
Kök, Mustafa Verşan; Yıldırım, Betül (2022-01-01)
Fracture behaviour and seismic response of naturally fractured coal subjected to true triaxial stresses and hydraulic fracturing
Cao, Wenzhuo; Yıldırım, Betül; Durucan, Sevket; Wolf, Karl-Heinz; Cai, Wu; Agrawal, Harshit; Korre, Anna (2021-03-01)
Experimental and Numerical Investigation into Hydraulic Fracture and Natural Fracture Interaction in Shale Formations
Yıldırım, Betül; Wenzhuo, Cao; Cai, Wu; Shi, Ji-Quan; Korre, Anna; Wolf, Karl-Heinz (2019-06-23)
The Effect of Natural Fracture Heterogeneity on Hydraulic Fracture Performance and Seismic Response in Shale and Coal Formations
Yıldırım, Betül; Durucan, Sevket; Korre, Anna; Wolf, Karl-Heinz; Bakker, Richard; Barnhoorn, Auke (2018-06-20)
Discrete Element Modelling of Hydraulic Fracture Interaction with Natural Fractures in Shale Formations.
Yıldırım, Betül; Shi, Ji-Quan; Durucan, Sevket; Korre, Anna (2018-06-20)
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