Majıd Davoody Benı

Department of Philosophy
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A tale of two architectures free energy, its models, and modularity
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2022-02-01)
The paper presents a model-based defence of the partial functional/informational segregation of cognition in the context of the predictive architecture. The paper argues that the model-relativeness of modularity does not n...
Inflating the social aspects of cognitive structural realism
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-09-01)
Inspired by Ronald Giere's (1989, 1992) cognitive approach to scientific models, Cognitive Structural Realism (CSR) has presented a naturalist account of scientific representation (Beni, 2019a). CSR characterises the struc...
Aligning the free-energy principle with Peirce's logic of science and economy of research
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-09-01)
The paper proposes a way to naturalise Charles S. Peirce's conception of the scientific method, which he specified in terms of abduction, deduction and induction. The focus is on the central issue of the economy of researc...
Structures in Physics and Neuroscience Structural Realism and the Unity of Science
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-08-01)
We offer to extend structural realism into the field of mind and brain studies. The naturalised metaphysics of structural realism has been defined in terms of unification of sciences. The unification program has been carri...
On the Underpinning Mechanisms of (Epistemically) Reliable Processes
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-02-01)
The paper aims to evaluate the success of two different philosophical interpretations of prediction error minimisation theory in dissolving a notorious problem of philosophy, i.e., the New Evil Demon Problem (NED). In this...
Cognitive Penetration and Cognitive Realism
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-01-01)
The paper addresses the issue of theory-ladenness of observation/experimentation. Motivated by a naturalistic reading of Thomas Kuhn's insights into the same topic, I draw on cognitive neuroscience (predictive coding under...
Reconstructing Probabilistic Realism: Re-enacting Syntactical Structures
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2020-06-01)
Probabilistic realism and syntactical positivism were two among outdated theories that Feigl criticised on account of their semantical poverty. In this paper, I argue that a refined version of probabilistic realism, which ...
The Benacerraf Problem as a Challenge for Ontic Structural Realism
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2020-02-01)
Benacerraf has presented two problems for the philosophy of mathematics. These are the problem of identification and the problem of representation. This paper aims to reconstruct the latter problem and to unpack its underm...
Physicalism shall never vanquish’d be until …
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2020-01-01)
2020 Imprint Academic.Brown and Ladyman (2019) have provided an interesting criterion of refutability of physicalism. The criterion is based on the prediction that physics won’t hypothesize the existence of psychological e...
On the origin of mental representations
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2019-10-01)
The symbol grounding problem raises its head in the fields of the philosophy of AI, philosophy of psychology and philosophy of cognitive sciences. The solution to the symbol grounding problem must account for the genesis o...
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