İspanya Tarihinin Alegorisi: “Pan’ın Labirenti



The political economy of Spanish financial sector and foreign policy
Tekinbaş, Ege; Tayfur, Mehmet Faih; Department of International Relations (2009)
This thesis analyses the Spanish financial system and foreign policy from a political economy point of view. The foundation, development and transformation of the financial elite in Spain and its affiliations with the policy-making elite are the main concerns of this study. The traditionally complex and interlocking relationship between the financial elite and the policy-making elite in Spain is a perfect showcase to demonstrate how policy and economy affect each other interchangeably. The financial system ...
A typology of ancient theatres in modern Spain and Greece a geo-historical approach
Aktüre, Zeynep; Erder, Cevat; Department of Architecture (2005)
This study offers an inquiry into the historical context of the invention, consolidation, and on-going popularity of the ancient theatre typology based on the Greek-Roman ءbinarism̕, for a better understanding of its philosophical and theoretical foundations. It scrutinises those foundations in order to discover, in their limitations for an assessment and restitution of the architectural characteristics of extant ancient theatre remains, a new set of variables for devising an alternative method of classific...
Unveiling Spanish unemployment persistence by output gap: a time-varying parameter approach
Aydın, Dilan; Yıldırım Kasap, Dilem; Department of Economics (2018)
This paper investigates the persistence of Spanish unemployment by incorporating the output gap over the period of 1972-2015. Unlike to the existing literature which identifies labor market rigidity as the triggering factor of high unemployment, we utilize output gap extracted by Kalman filter in order to discriminate between impacts originated from (demand side) shocks and labor market institutions. Time-varying parameter approach allowing for both abrupt and smooth structural changes of parameters facilitat...
The history and experience of Spanish, Greek and Portuguese agriculture in the european union
Salar, Yusuf İlker; Akder, Ahmet Halis; Department of European Studies (2004)
In this thesis, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish accession of European Union is investigated. Agricultural production, consumption and trade patterns of Greece, Portugal and Spain have changed by the full application of Common Agricultural Policy. The commodity composition of these countries experienced an adjustment, too. The production of vegetables, fruits, fish and other typical Mediterranean products have increased. The composition of consumption has moved from low-income elastic products to high-income e...
Transformation of the finance capital in Spain and Turkey: a comparactive political economy perspective
Kutlay, Mustafa; Tayfur, Mehmet Fatih; Department of European Studies (2010)
The world political economy passed through sea changes starting from the early-1980s. The transformation of the finance capital was an indispensible and important aspect of this change. Most of the countries in this process adapted themselves in line with the abovementioned transformation and liberalized their financial systems. However, the specific country practises diverged from each other considerably. On the one hand, some of the countries transformed their finance capital as part and parcel of a compr...
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