Representation of family and women in Turkish Republican Drama

Korad Birkiye, Selen


Representation of women in secular and religious newspaper
Akbay, Elvan Melek; Hortaçsu, Nuran; Department of Psychology (1999)
Representations of social classes in arabesk films
Avcı, Özgür; Erdoğan, Necmi; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2004)
This thesis is an attempt to analyze the narrative structure of arabesk films which were made in the 1970s and the 1980s. Based on the idea that it is the poor/rich dichotomy which is foregrounded as the primary paradigm in arabesk films, this study tries to show how socio-cultural hierarchies are encoded in these films and how their narrative structure motivates the audience to perceive the films from a class perspective. On the basis of a generic background regarding melodramatic texts as well as a histor...
Representation of the Kurdish question in Hurriyet and Cumhuriyet (1990-2006)
Bayındır, Özge; Yeğen, Mesut; Department of Sociology (2007)
The aim of this study is to analyze the transformation of the official discourse and perception of the Kurdish issue and Kurds through its representations in Turkish media since 1990. Ottoman period and the Republican period till 1990s are studied in the first phase, in order to provide the historical backgroud of the Kurdish question and state’s perception of the issue. In the second phase, representations of state’s perception of the Kurdish issue in Hürriyet and Cumhuriyet newspapers are analyzed by usin...
Social representations of psychology of gender and women in Turkish novels
Yılmaz, Fatih; Öner Özkan, Bengi; Department of Psychology (2014)
Theory of social representations says the group affects its member and at the same time the member affects its group. As people interact with each other, they reconstruct the world socially. This mutual interaction leads to a new type of knowledge. This knowledge is called everyday knowledge. Biological sex does not inform us about issues like gender roles, inequality between genders, women in the workplace whereas gender does; because gender is reconstructed. Language has a role in keeping, transferring an...
Representation of the Ottoman Orient in Eighteenth Century English Literature
Baktır, Hasan; Çileli, Fatma Meral; Department of English Literature (2007)
This thesis studies the representation of the Ottoman Orient in Eighteenth Century English Literature. The thesis argues that a comprehensive understanding of the representation of the Ottoman Orient in 18th century English literature requires a new perspective; thus investigates different aspects of the interaction between the Ottoman Orient and 18th century Europe. Said's Orientalism discusses how European writers created a separate discourse to represent the Orient. The present thesis does not completely...
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S. Korad Birkiye, “Representation of family and women in Turkish Republican Drama,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.