A Review of the Anita Dam Incident: Internal Erosion Caused by a Buried Conduit and Lessons Learned

5th International Symposium on Dam Safety


Benlik Farklılıklarına Rogers’ın Danışan Odaklı Terapisi ile Yaklaşım: Vaka Çalışması
Gürcan, Derya (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2015-3-1)
Bireylerin benlikleri arasında yaşadıkları fark uzun zamandır psikoloji biliminin gündeminde olmuştur. Carl Rogers’ın teorisi de dahil olmak üzere, teoriler genellikle gerçek benlik ile ideal benlik arasındaki farka odaklanmışlardır. Ancak Higgins, bireylerin üç farklı benlik kavramının olduğunu öne sürmüştür. Bunlar gerçek benlik, ideal benlik ve zaruri benliktir. Higgins, ayrıca kişinin kendi bakış açısının ya da kendisi için önemli birinin bakış açısının da benlik kavramının oluşumunda etkili olduğun...
A critical review on the components of processability theory: identifying the limitations
Peker, Hilal; Toprak Çelen, Esma (2020-06-01)
There has been a tendency among the second language acquisition/learning theorists to make generalization about the stages that learners go through in learning a second language (L2). Processability Theory, developed by Pienemann (1998), is one of those theories. It is argued in Processability Theory that learners can learn an L2 in an order that they are capable of at specific times. In other words, learners acquire/learn L2s in a predictable order, which is called ‘developmental trajectory’. This article ...
A critical review of the debates on populism : politics of import substitution industrialization or a hegemonic project?
Eğilmez, Devrim Burcu; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2003)
The impact of the World Depression of 1929 and the 2nd World War on many developing countries has been significant in terms of economic and political changes. Among the important transformations, changes in accumulation models, political discourses, balance of class forces and/or political regimes can be mentioned. The main objective of this thesis is to undertake a critical review of the debates centring on the concept of populism in Latin America as well as in Turkey so as to account for these changes. Th...
A Critical reading of Alan Badiou: relativism in Badiou's theory of truth
Yenisoy Şahin, Eylem; Turan, Şeref Halil; Department of Philosophy (2012)
The purpose of this thesis is to develop a critical reading of Badiou’s theory of truth. Contemporary popular trends such as postmodernism and anti-philosophy champion the principles of pluralism and contingency. They use these against Hegel’s conception of history and theory of ‘relational totality’. Badiou agrees with these trends. But he criticizes their relativist theory of truth. He wants to provide an ‘objective’ foundation for ‘truth’. The question I wish to explore in this thesis is then to analyze ...
A Review of ”In defense of housing: the politics of crisis”, Edited by David Madden and Peter Marcuse
Uzun, Cemile Nil (2017-01-01)
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