Use of oxidized AlxGa1-xAs layers for low loss metal clad waveguides and polarization splitters

Bek, Alpan
Champlain, JG
Naone, R
Dagli, N
Very low loss single mode optical waveguides with metal electrodes are fabricated using wet-oxidized AlxGa1-xAs layers as upper cladding. Optical polarization splitters are also designed and compared with conventional designs.
9th European Conference on Integrated Optics and Technical Exhibition


Use of split-disk tests for the process parameters of filament wound epoxy composite tubes
Kaynak, Cevdet; PARNAS, LEVENT; ŞENEL, FİKRET (2005-08-01)
The aim of this study was to investigate processing parameters of continuous fiber reinforced epoxy composite tubes produced by the filament winding technique. For this purpose, split-disk tests (according to ASTM D-2290 standard) were performed for the specimens produced with two different epoxy resin systems, five different fiber materials and five different winding angles. By determining the hoop tensile strength and modulus of these specimens, the effects of three filament-winding processing parameters;...
Use of maleic anhydride compatibilization to improve toughness and other properties of polylactide blended with thermoplastic elastomers
Kaynak, Cevdet (2014-12-01)
Polylactide (PLA) being a very brittle biopolymer could be toughened by blending with thermoplastic elastomers such as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) and thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPE); unfortunately, these blends are immiscible forming round domains in the PLA matrix. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of using maleic anhydride (MA) compatibilization on the toughness and other properties of PLA blended with TPU and TPE. MA grafting on the PLA backbone (...
Commissioning and Performance of the CMS Pixel Tracker with Cosmic Ray Muons
Chatrchyan, S.; et. al. (IOP Publishing, 2010-03-01)
The pixel detector of the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment consists of three barrel layers and two disks for each endcap. The detector was installed in summer 2008, commissioned with charge injections, and operated in the 3.8 T magnetic field during cosmic ray data taking. This paper reports on the first running experience and presents results on the pixel tracker performance, which are found to be in line with the design specifications of this detector. The transverse impact parameter resolution measured i...
Elimination of Coupling Transformer Core Saturation in Cascaded Multilevel Converter-Based T-STATCOM Systems
Gercek, Cem Ozgur; Ermiş, Muammer (2014-12-01)
This paper deals with coupling transformer core saturation problem in cascaded multilevel converter (CMC) based transmission-type static synchronous compensator (T-STATCOM) systems. The effects of nonlinear characteristics of the coupling transformer and CMCs on the core saturation phenomenon are investigated, and the associated mechanisms are described. In order to prevent the transformer core from being saturated, dc current components in the coupling transformer secondary lines are eliminated by modulati...
Design and implementation of microwave lumped components and system integration using MEMS technology
Temoçin, Engin Ufuk; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
This thesis presents the design and fabrication of coplanar waveguide to microstrip transitions and planar spiral inductors, and the design of metal-insulator-metal capacitors, a planar band-pass, and a low-pass filter structures as an application for the inductors and capacitors using the RF MEMS technology. This thesis also includes a packaging method for RF MEMS devices with the use of “benzocyclobutene” as bonding material. The transition structures are formed by four different methods between coplanar ...
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A. Bek, J. Champlain, R. Naone, and N. Dagli, “Use of oxidized AlxGa1-xAs layers for low loss metal clad waveguides and polarization splitters,” presented at the 9th European Conference on Integrated Optics and Technical Exhibition, Turin, İtalya, 1999, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: