Türkiye’de ve dünyada kuantum teknolojilerinin mevcut durumu: Toplumsal çerçeveden bir bakış



Behavioral dynamics in Turkish housing market: the roleof inflation
Çiftçi, Muhsi; Gaygısız Lajunen, Esma; Department of Economics (2019)
This study investigates the behavioral effects of money illusioned individuals on the Turkish housing market. When individuals make a decision between buying or renting a house, they compare the monthly burden of buying a house and the rent payment. Although rational individuals make a decision based on real interest rates, the money illusioned agents use real and nominal interest rates interchangeably. Therefore, a potential inflation shock makes them think of real and nominal rates moving together. By amp...
Investigating the relationship between the recent investments on construction sector and some economic indicators of Turkey
Aydın, Aykut; Özdemir, Özlem; Department of Business Administration (2016)
Construction industry is believed to constitute a significant part of the economic development and there are quite noteworthy studies that analyze the relationship between construction industry investments and economic development. This study attempts to find out this causal relationship by using Toda and Yamamoto Augmented VAR model for Granger Non-causality. In addition, two separate models are used in order to detect the effects of specific construction activities such as residential, commercial and indu...
An Analysis of selected cases of environmental movements in Turkey through an ecofeminist approach
Seçkin, Ecem; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Balaban, Osman; Department of Earth System Science (2016)
The main aim of this study is to understand how women activists make room for themselves in environmental movements and what their discourse, concerns and motivations are in environmental problems Turkey. The main research problem of this thesis is whether there is a space for women in environmental movements in Turkey and how women position themselves in environmental movements in Turkey. In Turkey, how women activists frame their concerns to create collective identity, which repertoire and discourse they ...
Türkiye’nin Dış Ticaret Akımında AB’nin Belirleyici Rolü: Bir Çekim Modeli Yaklaşımı
Erdil, Erkan; Bilici, Özgür ( Efil Yayınevi, 2010-01-01)
Internal migration, redistributive policies and income distribution in Turkey: an intertemporal CGE analysis
Yakut, Aykut Mert; Taymaz, Erol; Department of Economics (2016)
This thesis focuses on the effects of the public policies on the size distribution of income in Turkey. To this end, an intertemporal computable general equilibrium model with heterogeneous agents in a small open economy framework is constructed. This study serves several extensions to the literature with its algebraic structure and calibration process in which various micro-level data sets have been utilized extensively. The results reveal that, in line with the previous findings of the literature, increas...
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İ. S. Akçomak and Z. C. Seskir, “Türkiye’de ve dünyada kuantum teknolojilerinin mevcut durumu: Toplumsal çerçeveden bir bakış,” Toplum ve Bilim, no. 157, pp. 159–187, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://iletisim.com.tr/dergiler/toplum-ve-bilim/3/sayi-157-2021/10062/turkce-ozetler/12108.