Biofortification Under Climate Change: The Fight Between Quality and Quantity

Aksoy, Emre


Biomimicry for sustainability : an educational project in sustainable product design
Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta; Doğan, Çağla; Department of Industrial Design (2012)
The notion of sustainability has become an extensive area of research ever since the term emerged in the late 1980s, due to the negative effects of unsustainable production and consumption patterns on environmental stewardship, social equity and economic development. There have been various approaches developed for product design and education within the context sustainability. Biomimicry is one of those approaches, and its implications for product design education have recently started to be explored. In t...
Biomanipulation as a Restoration Tool to Combat Eutrophication: Recent Advances and Future Challenges
Jeppesen, Erik; Sondergaard, Martin; Lauridsen, Torben L.; Davidson, Thomas A.; Liu, Zhengwen; Mazzeo, Nestor; Trochine, Carolina; Özkan, Korhan; Jensen, Henning S.; Trolle, Dennis; Starling, Fernando; Lazzaro, Xavier; Johansson, Liselotte S.; Bjerring, Rikke; Liboriussen, Lone; Larsen, Soren E.; Landkildehus, Frank; Egemose, Sara; Meerhoff, Mariana (2012-01-01)
Eutrophication resulting from high nutrient loading has been the paramount environmental problem for lakes world-wide for the past four decades. Efforts are being made in many parts of the world to reduce external nutrient loading via improved wastewater treatment or diversion of nutrient-rich inflows. However, even after a reduction of the external phosphorus loading, the effects obtained may be unsatisfactory. This may reflect an insufficient reduction in the external nutrient loading to effectively limit...
Biomonitoring of atmospheric pollutants at western Anatolia
Yenisoy Karakaş, Serpil; Tuncel, Semra G.; Department of Chemistry (2000)
Biogas generation from microalgal biomass and the effect of pretreatment
Öğüt, Gece Cansu; Konaklı, Betül; Çalıcıoğlu, Özgül; Bayramoğlu, Tuba Hande; Uludağ-Demirer, Sibel; Kaymak, Barış; Demirer, Göksel N (2013-06-18)
Bioprinting: A review of processes, materials and applications
Yilmaz, Bengi; Al Rashid, Ans; Mou, Younss Ait; Evis, Zafer; Koç, Muammer (2021-08-01)
3D printing (3DP) processes have evolved from simple prototyping for visual inspection purposes to functional product manufacturing that offers flexibility, customization, scalability, reliability, durability, and relatively high speed. These processes have been successfully applied to the biomedical field by unraveling previously inaccessible freedom layers, such as increased design complexity. Bioprinting is one of the 3DP processes that has helped develop more advanced research-specific experimental tool...
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