Recrystallization behaviour and the development of annealing textures in a supersaturated Cu-Be alloy.

Alpas, Ahmet Tuğrul


Recrystallization, grain growth and austenite formation in cold rolled steels during intercritical annealing
Poyraz, Okan; Ögel, Bilgehan (2020-09-01)
In this study, the effect of cold rolling on the recrystallization, grain growth of ferrite and the austenite formation in 0.14C-1.98Mn steel is studied extensively with different intercritical annealing times and temperatures.
Microstructures and phase selection in rapidly solidified Zn-Mg alloys
Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat (1996-01-15)
The Zn-Mg system has potential glass-forming ability, and therefore studies were made of rapidly solidified zinc-based Zn-Mg alloys containing up to 6 wt % Mg. These alloys exhibited interesting eutectic phase selections and structural transitions across the ribbon thickness which are represented on a microstructure selection diagram for rapid solidification conditions. Although rapid solidification is known in many cases to produce metastable phases, in this case the equilibrium eutectic mixtures of Zn-Mg2...
Preconsolidation pressure and its effects on some properties of METU campus clay.
Cetinkaya, Ahmet Serdar; Department of Civil Engineering (1978)
Microstructural changes and void swelling of a 12Cr ODS ferritic-martensitic alloy after high-dpa self-ion irradiation
Chen, Tianyi; Aydoğan Güngör, Eda; Gigax, Jonathan G.; Chen, Di; Wang, Jing; Wang, Xuemei; Ukai, S.; Garner, F. A.; Shao, Lin (2015-12-01)
A dual-phase 12Cr oxide-dispersion-strengthened (ODS) alloy, with improved corrosion and oxidation resistance exhibits promising void swelling resistance and microstructural stability under Fe2+ ion irradiation to 800 dpa at 475 degrees C. Dispersoids were originally present in both ferrite and tempered martensite grains, with the latter having a wider range of dispersoid sizes. In both phases dispersoids > 10 nm in diameter are incoherent with the matrix, while smaller dispersoids are coherent. During irra...
Annealing of cold rolled and swaged AZ31 magnesium alloy /
Tunca, Bensu; Bor, Şakir; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2014)
Magnesium alloys are extensively used in electronics, automotive and aerospace industries due to their low densities and high specific strengths; however limited deformability of magnesium alloys at room temperature restricts the applications. Grain refinement as a result of recrystallization can be used to enhance the deformability of these alloys. In this dissertation, recrystallization behavior of cold rolled and swaged AZ31 alloy is investigated at different temperatures in the range of 100°C - 300°C. E...
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A. T. Alpas, “Recrystallization behaviour and the development of annealing textures in a supersaturated Cu-Be alloy.,” Middle East Technical University, 1983.