Iraklılık Kimliği: Irak’ta Kimliğin Alternatif Tarihi



Modeling the dynamics of creative industries : the case of film industries
Oruç, Sercan; Azizoğlu, Meral; Department of Industrial Engineering (2010)
Dynamic complexity occurs in every social structure. Film industry, as a type of creative industries, constitutes a dynamic environment where uncertainty is at high levels. This complexity of the environment renders the more traditional operations research models somewhat ineffective, and thus, requires a dynamic analysis. In this study, a model showing the dynamics of film exhibition is given. The interactions within and between the theatrical and the DVD sales channels are implemented by the model. Later ...
Iraklı Kadınların Anlatılmayan Öyküsü
Tezgiden Cakcak, Sebahat Yasemin (İletişim Yayınevi, 2009-01-01)
Staging architecture as illusion: from mirror to digital heterotopia
Özmen, Elif Gülce; Basa, İnci; Department of Architecture (2020)
When Michel Foucault first introduced the notion of heterotopia in 1969, he addressed to real places that separate users from usual time and create imaginary orders in which many fragmentary possible worlds come together in an “impossible place” without being interrupted with the passage and destruction of time. With the development in recent years in augmented reality and new ways of representing and experiencing space, the possibility to transmit architecture into something more have been found. From post...
Animacy effect on sentence structure choice : a study on Turkish learners of L2 English
Solak (Gülşeker), Hilal; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz; Department of English Language Teaching (2007)
This thesis aims to find out how animacy affects sentence structure choice in Turkish learners of L2 English. The study compares three different L2 English proficiency levels with each other as well to L1 English and L1 Turkish. In this way the effect of English, a rigid word order language, and Turkish, a free word order language on sentence structure choice have been compared. A picture description task was applied on 94 participants. The pictures depicted a transitive action taking place between an inani...
Understanding conceptual processes through identity judgments via behavioral and neurophysiological methods
Çakar, Tuna; Hohenberger, Annette Edeltraud; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2015)
This dissertation aims to understand the cognitive and neural underpinnings of conceptual processes during identity judgments. Identity judgments are challenging philosophical problems that are influenced by several factors including spatiotemporal proximity and similarity. Initially, participants were asked to respond to a set of propositions (Conceptual Tendency Test, (CTT)) that were directly related to the core concept of identity, on a 5-point-Likert-scale (from 1 (totally agree”) to 5 (“totally disagr...
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