Literature as “Second-hand" Reality in ESL Classrooms

Çankaya Simpson, Tuğçe
Gürbüz, Nurdan
Uluslararası İngiliz Dili Eğitimi Konferansı, 18 Mart Üniversitesi


Language through the pragmatics and cross-cultural communication looking glass
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2019-11-22)
Literature s Response To Ecology
Birlik, Nurten (null; 2012-01-31)
Literary spaces as the representation of dominant ideologies in the context of dystopias written between 1920 and 1950
Çavdar, Rabia Çiğdem; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2011)
This thesis is an attempt to understand the relations between architecture and ideology in literary spaces in the context of Dystopias. It will pursue a definition of the relation between architecture and ideology to understand how the paradigmatic changes affect literary form of architecture to pose revolutionary thought(s). Literature often presents a dystopia or utopia to criticise its own written time, and literary text itself, is both a collection and a pressed version of that time. That is why to exam...
Novel discourse and institutional legitimation: The rhetorical construction of Alberta’s bitumen bubble
Gephart, Robert; Suddaby, Roy; Topal, Çağrı; Savall, Amandine (2015-03-11)
We use an interpretive perspective to understand the construction of a novel discursive entity – Alberta’s “bitumen bubble” --in public discourse. This bubble or gap between forecast and actual oil prices was destined to result in “six billion dollars less in revenue this year alone” for Alberta according to Premier Allison Redford. To explore the discursive construction of this novel entity, we analyzed: 1) the 2012 Alberta budget speech preceding the bubble’s invention, 2) Premier Redford’s speech announc...
Art and difference in deleuze: how do you glitch yourself?
Yalçın, Melike Başak; Shores, Corry Michael; Department of Philosophy (2021-1-25)
The main concern of this thesis is to investigate the critique of representational thinking in Deleuze and to comprehend the notion of Body without Organs (BwO) in relation to aesthetic experience as an alternative to such thought. In order to do that this thesis problematises thought which ontologically priorities the principle of identity. Following that, it looks at subjecthoods and bodies constructed upon the same notion, and researches Deleuze’s criticisms of them. Finally, it researches the effects of...
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T. Çankaya Simpson and N. Gürbüz, “Literature as “Second-hand” Reality in ESL Classrooms,” presented at the Uluslararası İngiliz Dili Eğitimi Konferansı, 18 Mart Üniversitesi, Çanakkale, Türkiye, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: