Comparative Techno Economic Study of HVDC Transmission System Between an Island Grid and a Mainland Grid

Dinç, Barış Çağrı
Island electricity grids or isolated electricity grids are electrical grids that are not connected to other grids. These grids suffer from low system balance and low power capacity for various reasons (geographical, technical, and other similar aspects). Therefore, all production, transmission, and distribution stages are realized within the network. Electricity generation on an island grid requires constant transportation of fossil fuel to the island, increasing the cost of electricity, and the volatility of the system. Renewable energy sources received attention in recent years to solve this problem. Still, due to the nature of uncertainty of renewables, it is not possible to use this kind of source in full performance. With the development of advanced power electronics, energy transmission with High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) to islands has become an option. Due to the expensive nature of this option, detailed analysis and comparison are required for island grids. In this thesis, a North Cyprus island grid model is developed with an HVDC interconnection option to Turkey and used for the techno-economic study to compare HVAC and traditional fossil fuel investments. The mentioned techno-economic analysis combines optimal power flow with traditional economic cost calculation methods. Ultimately, a better option among the suggested scenarios is evaluated for further research.


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B. Ç. Dinç, “Comparative Techno Economic Study of HVDC Transmission System Between an Island Grid and a Mainland Grid,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.