Zooplankton dynamics in the nortern cilician basın-composition and time series.

Gücü, Ali Cemal


Zooplankton community structure under the impact of heat waves and nutrient enrichment A mesocosms approach
Işkın, Uğur; Tavşanoğlu, Nihan; Filiz, Nur; Jeppesen, Erik; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Cao, Yu; Neif, Erika; Lauridsen, Torben; Davidson, Thomas; Sondergaard, Martin (null; 2016-01-31)
Zooarchaeology in Transitional Societies: Evidence from Anatolia, the Bridge between the Near East and Europe
Pişkin, Evangelia (2016-08-01)
This chapter summarizes the attempts to domesticate animals in Anatolia and traces the ways that people experimented with it. New evidence and recently published synthetic works have shown that animal husbandry was incorporated into Neolithic economies through highly variable paths and applications. The relationship of humans with animals encompassed hunting, managing and herding, and the species chosen differed amongst the settlements involved. Over the course of about a thousand years of advancing and ret...
Zooplankton of the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean Similarities and dissimilarities
Kovalev, Av; Mazzocchı, Mg; Sıokoufrangou, I.; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan (2001-01-01)
A synthesis of data on abundance and biomass of zooplankton in the Eastern Mediterranean (EMED) and the Black Sea shows major differences in the composition and structure of pelagic communities in the two basins. Few Mediterranean planktonic animals have invaded in the Black Sea. The great bulk of Black Sea species is represented by coastal inhabitants that spread throughout the whole basin. This process has been called “neritization” of the Black Sea fauna. Peculiarities in zooplankton assemblages of the B...
Zooarchaeological Studies at Burgaz: A Preliminary Report
Pişkin, Evangelia (null; 2013-04-05)
Zooplankton adaptation strategies against fish predation in Turkish shallow lakes
Yazgan Tavşanoğlu, Ülkü Nihan; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Jeppesen, Erik; Department of Biology (2012)
In this study, the factors influencing zooplankton community structure in Turkish shallow lakes were elucidated with four main approaches: (i) space-for-time substitution for shallow lakes using snap-shot sampling in 31 lakes along a latitudinal gradient; (ii) in-situ mesocosm experiments in eleven lakes along a latitudinal gradient using three sets of artificial plants systems; (iii)‘Habitat Choice’ laboratory experiments mimicking a ‘shallow littoral’ zone with plants and a ‘deeper pelagic’ zone with sedi...
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A. C. Gücü, “Zooplankton dynamics in the nortern cilician basın-composition and time series.,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.